Capital City – New to LA LA Land’s Hollywood Area


 Capital City: Hollywood CA

Well people let me tell you, this is THE place for all you fanatic sports fans. There are flat screens galore everywhere, a wide range of seating and a plethora of beverages to chose from, it’s Hollywood’s take on the “sports bar” that’s for sure. It’s a great open space with awesome views of “Hollywood” street life and tons of places to sit lounge and kick back.
Now me, I’m not, I repeat not a fan of waiting. So, please for your dear, sweet soul MAKE RESERVATIONS! Especially if there is any sort of playoffs, post season, championship, World Series, ANYTHING. You will never get a table. I mean never, ever. You will wait and wait or stand around at the bar, which is cool, but just not for me. Mind you, the wait service is pretty cool, when they do come around. I think they are just working out the kinks of a new establishment, but if you’re hungry and don’t have reservations, I high suggest eating before you come.
We did in fact meet the owner Curtis and he was fab. We never got a table and he bought us a round of drinks, which when they run like $13 + a pop, was A-OK in my book and brought Capital City back up in my books.
I’m not a huge sports fan, except of the YANKEES!!! But I def  think Capital City had done sports fans justice for sure. This is as much fun you can have at the game without actually being there.
p.s. street parking is a mofo; you will have to valet (around the corner $6)