Who is Dan Anyway?

Dan’s Subs: Woodland Hills, CA

22446 Ventura Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 225-8880

Oh Dan’s. Where oh where would I have been in high school without you? Ok, so high school is where I discovered Dan’s and I’m not about to tell you what year that was, but lets just say I’ve been going there ever since then, even when I would come home just to visit, I was like “Someone take me to Dan’s!”
This is the home of the “sub sandwich” in the valley. You must go here. It’s just the way they layer the meats, the cheese, their “sauce”, which is really Italian dressing of some sort but it’s just perfect. You will NEVER come here without their being a line out the door, it’s a tiny little spot that’s been there forever and all the neighborhood, hoodies, know about it, so just trust me and try it. Your stomach will thank you.

BAY CITIES – You are not living until you’ve been here!

Bay Cities Deli: Santa Monica, CA

Bay Cities

Italian Deli & Bakery  
1517 Lincoln Blvd.,  
Santa Monica,  CA  90401  
310-395-8279 bcdeli.com  

Tues-Sat 9-7 Sunday 9-6 CLOSED MONDAYS  

Really? Really! If you have not been here already, stop what you are doing immediately, unless it’s a Monday (I have made this mistake before, driving all the way to SM and realizing it’s closed); get your buns over to Bay Cities Deli! This is by far, of all sandwich places I have EVER been, the best hands down. The bread has crack in it I think, it’s like the Starbucks of sandwiches. 
But back to the bread, holy Mary mother of God is it frickin good. You can go there just for the bread, but I suggest with every fiber of my being you get the GODMOTHER, pastrami or any other thing on their menu of FAB sandwiches. The GODMOTHER is a staple, it’s like every kind of meat on earth between bread, which isn’t even my style when it comes to subs, but for this I will make the exception.
So, get a move on and get over to Santa Monica for the most mouth-watering lunch you will ever have.
p.s. parking lot is crazy, but they have this awesome guy to help the traffic flow or you can park across the street in the grocery store parking lot and plan on little wait to order old school deli style, but it’s sooooo worth it. 

BAKE me TURKEY with Brie on a BAGUETTE as fast as you can please!

The Baker: Woodland Hills, CA

21600 Ventura Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91364-1921
(818) 340-1987

Ok, so another valley hole-in-the-wall, but if you’re more the café style place than the chain food restaurant kinda person this is a great place if you’re in the area. They have a really cool bakery and their turkey and brie on a French baguette is oh so yummy.  Their bread selection is pretty amazing I must admit. It’s hard to find that kinda New York, big city style spot in LA (anywhere) and The Baker is reaching for that bar.

One downer, I’m not a big fan of the wait staff or the owner. I feel like they are always annoyed and really don’t try to hide it. They do have their good days, but I must say the bad have outweighed those smiley, happy, shiny people days. That aside, I still will go there, I really do love the food and the salads.
So if you’re in the VAL, take the plunge, skip The Corner Bakery, Jerry’s Deli or In n’ Out and make a stop to The Baker. 

Something BLUE!

Blue Table: Calabasas, CA

Ok, so Calabasas… geographically desirable for me, but was to my previous job and let me tell you, regardless of the location, this is without FAIL worth the drive (plus, for all you Kardashian fans, it’s literally attached to DASH so you’re most likely to see some kind of paparazzi fiasco going on while you’re there).
So, ok… it’s TINY. It’s owned by some FAB New York escapees and they are FAB, so awesome and boy can they make a sandwich! I highly recommend Ellen’s Special:
OH MY GOD is this a great sandwich, it’s so, so, so good.  Yes, goat cheese can be a bit much but for some reason the fig-onion jam concoction and the garlic aioli and all the rest of the ingredients come together for this almost fireworks-esq celebration on you palate. Please try it and yes I will get full pleasure in saying “ I told you so”.

OMG!!! In the name of the FATHER’s Office!!!

Father’s Office: Los Angeles, CA

Please listen as I tell you this… I mean really open up your ears and pay attention, this is by far the BOMBEST burger I have ever had in my frickin LIFE!  The “Office Burger” is a FABcity FAV fo sho!
Let’s not get it twisted, I have had many-a-burger in my life as a carnivore lover… so I do in fact know that this one my friends, is RIDICULOUS!
Now the downer of Father’s Office is the wait period for a table, it is a pain in the arse. If you plan on eating here on lets say a weekend, wow get there planning to wait a hot minute. It’s first come first serve seating, then you order at the bar once you have your seats. The food comes pretty fast so I would not recommend ordering first then “hoping” you find a seat. Now I’ve only been here on a Friday night, so I can’t speak for Monday – Thursday, but I’m guessing it’s pretty packed on a regular basis, or so I hear from the locals who make made this fine establishment part of their routine.
All in all the service was pretty dam good for LA and you fellow LA people know what I’m talking about, the beer was amazing, they have a HUGE selection of beers on tap and always feature new ones for the little lush in you, the sweet potato fries were the BEST I have ever had (largely due to the phenomenal dipping sauce) and the burger… oh my dear sweet Jesus the burger, practically orgasmic.