We Are Owls – LOVE!

Ok, so there is this relatively new lineWe Are Owls, 100% cashmere scarves that are absolutely fab and can add a super punch of originality to any outfit. The girls that created this line met in high school in NY, lost touch for a while and came back with this crazy unique line and I must say, this is an accessory must for fall and if I were a little heavier in the bank accounts of life I would buy them ALL! Great new line for fall ladies!!!

Blue Ribbon, my absolute fav!

So, I know I’ve written about Blue Ribbon before, but I can’t help it, it’s literally my favorite restaurant in NY, so when it was my mom’s birthday and she was visiting me in NY I couldn’t resist taking her. The service & management alone is hands down, the BEST! They are so attentive, hilarious and just genuinely awesome + they know their menu to the “T” and their wine, wow… their wine list is insane for such a tiny restaurant and did I mention I LOVE IT THERE! I really do, I must have said that like 1000 times while eating there and I do every time I go. So, please, please visit, and eat to your hearts content, you will love every bite and seriously have to stop yourself from picking up the plate and licking it clean. 

love you Blue Ribbon!

97 Sullivan Street, West Village – p.s. they don’t take reservations unless you are a party of 5 or more, so plan on waiting a bit, but man I’m telling you it’s worth it. 

oysters on the half shell, the best oysters (all of them) I’ve ever had anywhere

the fried chicken with greens and mash potatoes and gravy – KILLER!

the duck with brussel sprouts and mash potatoes

the sweet & spicy catfish (to-die-for) as you already know my absolute fav, this is a must if you go there and I’m telling you one of the best things you will ever eat.

the birthday girl!!! my ma dukes!

ma, me and my bb, richie

my heart.

The Gramercy Park Hotel, so purrrdy.

Ok, so my latest obsession, well not latest, but lately it’s just gone through the roof… is interior design and The Gramercy Park Hotel has got me from head-to-toe. It’s absolutely beautiful. From the color palate, to the wood work, to the art, to the rugs to the frickin carpet… love, love, love. I could definitely live there and if you’ve seen any of the apartments I’ve ever lived in (8 in all), I LOVE COLOR and if my wallet was a tad but thicker I would for sure be adding some of the below to my decorating agenda.  

SHAKE SHACK! The In n’ Out of NYC

Ok, so being a native Californian, you know we are obsessed with IN N’ OUT Burger, and if you have been to LA and never had it, SHAME ON YOU! It’s to die for. So, recently discovered Shake Shack, they’ve been around for a little while and it’s GOOOOOOD! So, different from IN N’ OUT, but I’d like to say it’s the East Coast version of them, and I will be satisfied. Be careful, I highly suggest going NOT AT LUNCH or regular dinner time, because whichever one you go to the line will be out the door and down the street, I’m not joking, but if you have the time, the cheeseburger, fries and yummy shakes are well worth it. 


How amazing is this! The eloise suite @ the Plaza Hotel, designed by my fav —-> Betsey Johnson!!!  

This is by far one of the best hotel rooms I have ever seen and Betsey!!! Oh yes, Betsey Johnson herself designed this oh so fab luxury suite! I want to live in this room forever!!! Pink, Gold, Floral, absolute heaven!

The Plaza Hotel is rawther thrilled to announce the launch of the one-of-a-kind Eloise Suite, designed by celebrated fashion designer Betsey Johnson. Channeling the ebullient spirit of The Plaza’s most famous “resident,” Eloise, the irreverent and irrepressible fictional heroine of Kay Thompson’s classic book who skibbled her way into the hearts of generations of readers. For her first-ever hotel collaboration, Johnson has designed an exclusive Eloise Suite that blends luxury and whimsy for a charmingly original result.

As is only fitting for New York’s quintessential “city child,” Eloise’s suite is located on the 18th floor and is comprised of two rooms – one for erstwhile young Eloises and one for their parents – resplendently rendered in an Eloise-approved palette of pink and black. Décor highlights include: a signature Plaza chandelier fitted with pink, candy striped wall panels outlined with gold leaf molding, a white zebra-print carpet, a King-size bed made up with custom-designed bedding depicting images of Eloise, a sparkly padded pink headboard and nearby ottoman, and Eloise’s name scrawled in neon lights affixed to the wall above. The suite is also equipped with original Hilary Knight prints adorning the walls, a disposable Eloise camera so that guests may snap photos of their stay, a wall-mounted flat screen TV and DVD player, Eloise DVDs and books, a tea set and Eloise and Weenie dolls, Eloise robes and towels.


Upon arrival, a dedicated Eloise Ambassador will escort guests to the Suite where they may sign the official guest book and have their photo taken. The photo will be framed and given to the guest as a memento of the experience at turndown.

Rates for the Eloise Suite start at $995/night and include a monogrammed Eloise bathrobe, a $100 gift card to the Eloise shop, an Eloise camera, a framed photo of the guest inside the suite and an Eloise book. Guests also have the option to book an adjoining ‘grown-up’ Edwardian Suite, which includes both champagne and truffles. Rates start at $2045/night for this two-bedroom option.


Contact our Eloise Ambassador: 
Eloise Suite hotline: 646.599.8365 
Eloise Toll Free : 877.418.3851
Eloise Suite e-mail: eloiseattheplaza@fairmont.com