THE FRICKIN BIGGEST BURGERS EVER! Ok, so I do HEART cheeseburgers and everyone was raving about JACKSON HOLE, which I have been too, but it was at least 10 years ago. So, out scouring NY for an apt for my friend Jamie, we found one of their locations on the Upper West Side and with a love of burgers like myself she was down to try the oh so “delicious” JACKSON HOLE burger. Well, to our delight they came out literally about 2 mins after we placed our order… and I was in SHOCK when I saw the plate. All I ordered was a cheeseburger, a plain ol’ cheeseburger and it must have taken like 10 cows to make this burger (sorry cows), but SH*T it was huge. She got the bacon cheddar burger which I must say looks much more appetizing than mine, but alas we dug in. I’m sorry to say as “fabulous” as people say these burgers are, they were just not for me. There is no taste, no seasoning in the meat… it’s literally just a huge ball of ground meat… and I will take FIVE GUYS (nyc), SHAKE SHACK (nyc), or IN N’ OUT (la) any day over one of these bad boys, but if you are in the market for the biggest burger ever, stroll on over to JACKSON HOLE, and trust me you will have your hunger hole filled and more. 

517 Columbus Avenue and 85th Street
New York, NY  10024 

Mon-Thu 7AM to 11PM
Fri 7AM to 1AM
Sat 8AM to 1AM
Sun 8AM to 11PM 

Tel: 212-362-5177


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