From DRAB to FAB!

OK, so I’m starting a new portion of my blog, entitled: “Drab to FAB“.I’m not trying to “bash” anyone’s outfits, I’m just reinterpret them in a “SheRocS” way so-to-speak, how I would rock an outfit. 
So, I hope you enjoy it and maybe get a little “SheRocS” inspired as well.

  • Bland to FAB

Bland to FAB by SheRocS featuring pink pants
Jason Wu shirts blouse, $550
Zara safari jacket, $70
Pink pants
Blue wedge heels, $140
Proenza Schouler satchel handbag, $1,595

DIG for Victory!

This girl makes THE cutest dresses, DIG for Victory! She’s on Etsy and absolutely fabulous. The construction looks exquisite and the fabrics are all so flirty and fun, there is no way in hell you can have a bad time in one of these dresses. 

If you love anything Pin-Up which I know so many of you do (besides it’s all the rage), you need to get hip to the game and check out a lot of these different designers on Etsy and all over the web. Th style is great on so many body types, super forgiving + comfy, while picture perfectly adorable all wrapped into one!

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RED is one of my absolute FAVORITE colors and THANK YOU, THANK YOU Mr. Jeffrey Campbell for bringing one of my favorite styles of JC’s into the best color ever! I have these in grey and that have lasted forever, plus despite the height are super comfy.  … Continue reading

Light as a Feather…

ETSY you have done it again, thank you for your wonderful site that brings me such wonders as LilPunky!

LilPunky makes these outrageously fabulous feather earrings! They are HUGE, which is my #1 criteria when it comes to jewelry. The bigger the better and the more color the better, which these earrings definitely knock out in one super big punch. 

I love the length, all the variety of feathers used, the bright, bright neon colors in some of them are killer!

They are true statement pieces and all you need to take an outfit from a 5-6 to a frickin 1-0!!!

I will be purchasing these, oh yes I will!

Thanks LilPunky for your super FAB-U-LOUS creativity and jewelry!

So FRESH and So Clean…Clean…

I know these have been out for a hot minute, but I am IN LOVE with this color. The MINT GREEN is so fresh and so clean, ooh ya baby. 

Jeffrey Campbell never ceases to amaze me coming out with hit after hit after hit. The trends are simple, without being totally outrageous for the most part, so are great investment shoes that will last quite a while in your shoe collection, which is what my pocket absolutely loves. 

I just adore these bootie meets loafer creations and love it from Summer to transition into Fall. 


Well, I wasn’t invite to The Royal Wedding, but I can tell you for sure… Miss Ella Gajewska should have been! 

Hailing from a little bit all over (Krakow/London/Europe) & her mother being a dress maker, it’s no wonder she has a fabulous sense of style. Ella is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to hat design. These are masterpieces in their own right and would have put the Queens, Princesses and Dutchesses to shame at wedding of Miss Kate and Mr. William. 

This is a VERY interesting article for all my little fashionites… Forever 21 no matter who you are, always seems to be a fun fav and we all know they COPY everyone and their mother, take a peek at how they seem to be outsmarting the designers they are knocking off… In addition to its history of labor violations, Forever 21 has been sued more than 50 times for allegedly stealing the work of other designers and passing it off as their own.

How Forever 21 Keeps Getting Away With Designer Knockoffs(via @Jezebel)


SMOKIN’ BABY! These are some seriously HOT HOT Platforms. They are a whopping 6.25 inches high, so they are those living on the edge and ready for some intensely high walking. 

But oh how does my heart adore and deeply love leopard. I probably have some bit of leopard on somewhere on my body EVERYDAY. It’s just the most fabulous color, as usual the age ol’ debate, I do consider it a color. It just has a way of working it’s way into my wardrobe all the time and I just love it. 

So HURRAY for Steve Madden and these absolutely phenomenal wedges, I hope the Shazzam’s are here to stay!

Steve Madden Shazzam Leopard Platform

The Details*Genuine Leather Upper
*Shoe Height: 9”
*Heel Height: 6.5”
*Platform Height: 2.75”

Sweet Dreams

Let me start off by saying, ETSY has the most awesome things on that frickin website. If you really haven’t “explored” the world of ETSY, you need too… immediately. They have so many interesting and unique items available. I mean if let’s say you need… eh hmm… and eye mask… you search duh… eye mask and get the most awesome options, such as Bibbon

This store is incredible, they have the most FAB eye masks on there, and trust me if you also haven’t tried an eye mask to get THE BEST beauty sleep ever, you need too. They are fantastic. I get better and deeper sleep now that I have started using them, it’s more uninterrupted which I truly love, being that I wake up at 5am everyday for work. 

So, all in all you need to get on ETSY and definitely have to take some time and check out stores like Bibbon… there’s a world of creativity out there waiting for you to explore it, and it’s all handmade, which makes all the shopping feel that much more unique and special.


p.s. Also check out my store on ETSY for my FRICKIN AWESOME jewelry – SheRocS