Summer deserves SUMMER STYLE and all Summer Style, means FABULOUS Summer Hats. Thank God I found this awesome website P.S.imadethis where she periodically updates it with the most awesome and pretty cool DIY projects, this hat just being one of them. 

It is a really great style hat, that is super in style and you can spruce it up with your favorite color ribbon, string, cord etc… and make it all your own – for more on P.S.imadethis this check out her frickin awesome blog!

Instructions on how to make the hat from P.S.imadethis:

Don’t walk to the beach… run!  It’s the time of year when millions pack their beach bags to head towards the sunshine and sand for some R&R.  Donning a cute bikini is a DO, as is donning propersun protection *P.S.- Protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays will lessen chances for wrinkles, age spots, skin cancer, and eye damage- so take note and action!  I recently took a trip to the Bahamas, where my friend Rebecca Minkoff (one of the most amazing & creative business-savvy ladies I know), was sporting a j’amazing over-sized beach visor.  I died to DIY this, P.S.- just ask her

Yes, you can make it!  Here’s how: Reach for a sun hat.  I picked up a $5 straw hat at Kmart.  Use sharp scissors to slice off the top part of the hat, leaving a lip of approximately 3 inches. P.S.- Save the top of the hat for a cute bowl- I filled mine with pretzels, true story!  Next, slice the brim of your hat with a slight curve on the ends.  Note: if you have a tiny head, you will have to make your space between sides larger.  Use scissors to make 4 tiny holes approx. 1-inch from the outside of the hat.  The holes could rip if made too close to the edge.  Lace rope (or opt for ribbon) through the holes and tie together for your sensational sun hat! 


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