First and foremost let me say…. THANK GOD FOR NEON!!!!!!

I love this bag, the bracelets, the nails, everything. It’s perfect!

Ladies. If I have to tell you again to work this into your wardrobe I may have to literally hunt you down and shove some fabulous neon down your throat!

It is fabulous!

My friends always make fun of me (in a loving way of course you bitches you…) but it is just a perfect pick me up, it lightens any mood, brightens any day and makes you feel just that much more frickin awesome!

Trust me.

My grandma (she’s almost 90) still rocks NEON PINK NAILS and NEON ORANGE LIPSTICK baby and I know it’s wear I got it, it’s in my blood!

If you get nothing from my blog but this, WEAR NEON, always and forever. 


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