Seriously, I’m obsessed with Booties, Boots, ankle boots, shoe boots, whatever you want to call them, basically all kinds of boots have me at hello! To me they are better than almost any other kind of shoe, wedge, heel, stiletto, etc… Something about them just really speaks to me and I just can’t get enough of them.

These booties by Madison Harding are basic but frickin awesome. They are the ones you will just “go to” all the time and are plain and simple…just cool

Black suede is definitely my fav usually over leather, it just has something about it that makes it more appealing to me. Maybe it’s the contrast of different textures, or that it looks a little more worn in to me, but it definitely is my staple shoe fabric. 

It think we should all be so lucky to have a little bootie in our life, these my dear ladies are no exception. 

A lil junk in the trunk never hurt nobody!

Madison Harding
Rita Wedge


Wedge platform boot with sleek lines and sporty details. 1 1/2” front platform, 4 1/2” back. Black suede. 

Fit Note: Runs true to size.

Color: Black.


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