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Valerija Kelava by Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Indlekofer for Vogue Russia September 2011  I am in dire need of all of this entire wardrobe from Russian Vogue shoot with model, Valerija Kelava. The stylist Veronique Didry, heart you lover, you … Continue reading


I am super feelin’ this look from recent fashion week, and Los Angeles based brand, Band of Outsiders

I’ve always been extremely into accessories, and suspenders are no exception. From rainbow, to basic black, to leopard, I’m all over them. I really always have adored the kind that have button holes and are work like old fashion styled suspenders, buttoning into the actual pants, alas this would require more of my pants having buttons sewn on the inside, which just isn’t realistic. 

I’m so happy they are making a comeback for all of those who forgot about them after the TLC and Kris Kros days, so get out there ladies and get you some! Channel your inner 1920s or maybe even 1990s hip-hop rap star, warning though, suspenders might make you wanna…. JUMP JUMP! 

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These Matiko boots are super, frickin bad a$$! Green is my fav, fav color and I love the colorways on these boots. The palate is crazy and then adding in the patent leather & suede aye, yae, yae, it makes … Continue reading

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This company makes the most awesomely insane leggings, QOO QOO. Their motto is “Courage for Fashion” and believe me these are not for the fashion shy at heart, you will have to have the b*lls to get out there and … Continue reading

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I stumbled upon this awesome line on my fave, Etsy and look what I found! This amazing brand, celapiu.  These are hand made shrugs that are just too cool for school. Yes, I said it, too cool for school. One … Continue reading

I adore a good peplum, and I am so excited to see them all over the runway. They definitely have a more “youthful” and “fun” vibe (Betsey Johnson is a huge fan), but they are super wearable, and ultra flattering. … Continue reading

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I LOVE this outfit on Miroslava Duma, editor at Harper’s Bazaar, Russia. OMG do I love this outfit. NEON is a staple in my wardrobe with out without the “seasonal trends”, I have always loved it. But this outfit just … Continue reading