Ok, so you know. I NEVER usually RE-BLOG anyone’s anything unless it’s super super HOT. Well, ladies and gentleman, I have so found the HOTNESS, via Refinery29.

This new line, which isn’t actually new, just the latest and greatest version of themselves, Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco… is ridiculously gorgeous. I won’t even try and outdo what Refinery29’s lovely Kristian Laliberte has written, but it is in fact worthy of taking a peak. Although on the highest high end of price points, this line will inspire you to save your ass off just to be able to afford it in the near future. Each piece is to die for and perfectly sophisticated, do dear darlings check it out:

“Hyperventilation is never sexy. And, yes, at the first sight of this label’s price-tags, you might have trouble actually breathing. You know we’re all about the mix of high and low over here, so here’s the high. The very, very high. Enter KAUFMANFRANCO’s fall collection, 76 (!!!) looks that might break the bank, but justifiably so. If you haven’t heard of this super-luxe brand, here’s a quick rundown: The collaboration, between designers Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco, was launched in fall 2004, after the boys worked together at Valentino, helped take Ungaro to the U.S, and served as Anne Klein’s co-creative directors. Going solo resulted in a line that’s been consistently sexy, but always sophisticated, with top-notch fabrics, exquisite cuts, and subtle detailing—dare we say a worthy successor to Rick Owens with a dash of Jil Sander and Ralph Lauren thrown in for good measure. Hate to be gushy, but among their offerings for autumn, we don’t think there’s one piece we wouldn’t wear—picture body-hugging black leather jackets, floor-dusting camel wrap-coats, Met Ball-worthy gowns, shimmering mini-dresses, and do-me pants that will turn every dude’s head. It’s breathtaking, smoldering…basically you’ll hyperventilate even if it’s in your budget”.

By Kristian Laliberte of Refinery 29


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