NJAMES ladies. It’s a name you need to know. 

When I think of her, a particular song comes to mind… get ready… 

“I rock rough and stuff with my Afro Puffs…Rock on, wit cha bad self” 

That’s right people, The Lady of Rage, Rock on wit cha bad self! That’ what these earrings are saying to me as we speak. That song was a smash back in the day, which has probably dates me a bit, but all the same… it’s like these earrings have their own them song.

NJAMES makes the BOMB RAP SONG earrings and I am writing to make you understand, this saying is true in all accounts BIGGER IS BETTER (no matter who tells you different), and believe me when I say her style is big, and the earrings are equally as large and in charge. 

I’m all about being “dainty” when necessary, but my life is on the grand side of life and my personality is kinda huge. It’s my favorite thing about me, not to be conceited or full of myself, but I really do enjoy being me. NJAMES gives me a very similar vibe. You cannot possibly make these statement, wow, look at me kind of earrings and not think you’re just awesomely fab-u-lous, because that just doesn’t work. 

These pieces scream YOU’RE AMAZING! YOU’RE HERE! YOU’RE SUPER FAB! LOOK AT ME PEOPLE! I mean the definitely don’t scream “discrete” to me. I love everything they stand for, being an individual, being strong, being proud, loving yourself and being damn thankful for it!

I really do HEART NJAMES and will be a loyal and true fan for a long time to come, so should you! 


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