I stumbled upon this awesome line on my fave, Etsy and look what I found!

This amazing brand, celapiu

These are hand made shrugs that are just too cool for school. Yes, I said it, too cool for school. One is almost like angel wings the other is a braided sort of almost armor-esq looking piece of art! They will be conversation pieces, you will be spoken about up and down the halls of your office and the coolest girl ever, or the most hated because you discover such fab finds via Etsy or SheRocS, who knows…

I’m going with the later, because we all know how b*tches can be in the office or anywhere in fact… haters, gotta love em’ they make the world go round, but back to the shrugs… aren’t they just superbly dope? Yes, yes they are… maybe not the warmest piece of clothing but definitely the most hated on, and you know when you have haters, you really have fans, and now you’re hot sh*t.

Own it… love it… Hate on ladies. Hate on.



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