Let’s just start off by saying, I lately, am infatuated by lingerie. I don’t know if it’s because I’m single and ready to mingle or if it’s because I’m a little bit older and have a great appreciation for fabulous and flattering intimates or what… but whatever it is, I’m obsessed and this little number by Playful Promises is up there ladies, up, up there. 

I’ve been noticing a lot more intricate detailing along the top portions of the cups on the brassiere itself lately and I love it. It’s so sexy and almost like a new kind of peek-a-boo affect going on. It’s very dainty and mischievous like and  it’s channeling exactly how I feel lately.

Lingerie I feel is a great way of expressing something that everyone else doesn’t get to see… it’s there and you know it, but everyone else has no idea what lurks beneath… Maybe it’s the Gemini in me trying to generate two sides at once, whatever it is, I’m into it and lingerie baby… I’m coming for ya.  


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