Valerija Kelava by Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Indlekofer for Vogue Russia September 2011 

I am in dire need of all of this entire wardrobe from Russian Vogue shoot with model, Valerija Kelava. The stylist Veronique Didry, heart you lover, you did a fantastic, ridiculously dope, job… the prints, the furs, the color palates, the layering, yum, yum and sh*t….. some more frickin’ yum!

Again, we’re back and my insane infatuation, of “matching but not matching-matching“…, if you haven’t tried it please do, for the love of God you will heart it so much you just might burst into a frenzy of utter mix n’ match but not matching bliss! This shoot therefore, is a perfect translation of what craziness goes on in my brain while dressing then put perfectly into a crazy fab photo shoot for Russian Vogue. Alas, the scenario that goes on in my head is on a slightly lower price point of a budget, but none-the-less…this ROCKS and I’m going to rock right along with it. 

Thank you Russian Vogue, stylist Veronique Didry and model Valerija Kelava for putting some serious BANG, BOOM, POW in my SheRocS world. I am all the more delighted today for it. 



Title: Моя богема
Magazine: Vogue Russia September 2011
Model: Valerija Kelava
Photographers: Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Indlekofer
Stylist: Véronique Didry


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