You are stunning. 

You are fabulous. 

Sexy. Devine. Sooo… Delicious. 

I literally might just have to take a bite and swallow you whole. You are like a 4 course 5 star meal all wrapped into one tasty treat. 

Putting you on my feet might just be like the dessert after a scrumptious meal.

But really… screw the meal let’s just head straight for the cake baby! The ice cream, the pie! The frickin chocolate souffle! Because these booties need to be on display and the plate needs to be licked clean gosh darn-it!

Yes, they are that yummy. It may be one damn expensive meal, but it will be worth every penny!

Overhang Boot


Leather platform plain toe ankle boot with fold over leather panel and back zip.

  • 120mm wood heel
  • Leather sole
  • Available in Nude
  • Made in Italy
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    M.E.: Hello there… little lady aren’t you the sexy one. H: Well, thank you. M.E.: Well, you are very welcome. M.E.: What’s your name?H: Helena…M.E.: Oh nice… that’s a very beautiful name, mine’s Maurice Eve.H: Nice to meet you Maurice Eve…M.E.: If you don’t mind me being … Continue reading


    This dress by Duro Olowu is KILLER! Some major CHA-CH$NG, yet totally killer.  

    Oh ladies, my matching but not ever really matching self has my heart flutter with this dress, just like the birds printed on the silk.

    Why-oh-why don’t more designers make prints like this, 2 tones, dual color way print!!! Aye mamacita!!!! I’ve died and gone to fabric heaven. 

    Now only if I could have been born with a tiny booty and longer legs, then this dress and me would have had some babies dammit!

    Lots and lots of fabulous non-matching, truly chic, fabulous, hot babies!

    Duro Olowu
    Two Tone Dress

    $1,695.00Silk two tone dress in bird print with medium sleeves and ruffle front. Available in Multi. Silk. Dry clean

    Someone, well actually a few people recently told me a few purchases I have made and thus turned in to outfits are very reminiscent of my child hood fav and long time crush… Mr. Indian Jones himself. I’m really into this whole … Continue reading

    Fall + this Photo Shoot = LOVE LOVE LOVE

    Dear God, 

    I promise you forever that if you continue to create people who make clothes like this, bags like this, boots + shoes like this, make-up this fabulous, hair this stunning, I will always, always love you forever and ever. I will stay on the right path and continue being a good person, think of others before myself and always do onto others as I would have them do unto me!

    I swear, I really will. 

    All religious beliefs aside people, come on… this is one fantastically styled spread and my heart is a pounding. THIS is what FASHION is supposed to look like. From the hair to the toes, HOLY LORD MARY MOTHER OF GOD!!! *(sorry lord, but it needed to be said, nothing would quite express how amazing all these clothes are without using your name for emphasis).

    From the furs to the boots, to the sweaters to the hair, OMG the hair and the lips, I need these looks all of them. The look of love. I am a Fall girl at heart, always. I wish in LA there was actually FALL for crying out loud though, alas there is not so I cling to the memories of my east coast life. But I’m sure we can make it work here, maybe one less sweater or a mix of leather and fur coats instead of solid fur, because people it is NEVER that cold here, so please, pleasedon’t do it. That message especially goes out to all the ladies who feel the need to wear Uggs with daisy duke cut-offs in the summer, in Los Angeles when it’s like literally 95 degrees out, or who where leather over-the-knee/knee high boots the second the temp drops like 2 degrees… wait it will come, the temp will drop a little but please stop wearing these garments out of season when it’s still blazing outside, it’s not cute.

    Well, now that I got that off my chest, we need to get back to these gorgeous fits…we all need have a little darling in us waiting to come out, mine exists full-time and I know so do some of yours, but if they don’t bring em’ out ladies… and bring em’ out well, because these are some outfits even God himself would LOVE us to wear…

    He told me himself… I swear. ;O)

    PRETTY IN NEAPOLITAN PINK! I adore these wedges from ModCloth. They feel like a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich made into an extremely delicious shoe. Pinks tends to fall to the wayside during Fall, but these little lovelies I believe will transition quite nicely into our … Continue reading

    FUUUUUUUUUURRRR it’s cold in here!


    This cloak, cape whatever you want to call it from Romwe is DE-LI-CIOUS and sadly for me the fur is not faux, it’s raccoon, but the style itself is fabulous. I don’t know what the deal is with real fur, I have seen so many awesome faux style furs, that I don’t know what the real thing is still relevant alas it is, and I really can see myself all up in this cape/cloak.

    It’s a super stylish piece that you will probably have forever and it will never go out of style. Perfect for throwing over almost anything, pre – the colder winter months, a evening dress, jeans and a tee, skirts, pants, etc… toughen it up with some ankle boots, fem it up with some stilettos, no way this baby won’t be a stunner and a conversation piece all night long, and for under $200 bucks it’s totally budget friendly. 

    Dual fur cloak. The two themes this winter are: Cloak or Fur? Which on earth is more cost-effective to buy with a fixed budget for clothing? ROMWE is upcoming a dual-use single product, which is a cape and a fur vest, including all the popular elements! Even the unique thing is that fur collar material is completely raccoon hair, that makes this s a value-increasing collection.
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