Hello there…I know you’re looking at me, don’t be so coy… don’t try to pretend… I can see it out of the corner of your eye… you want me… you’re trying so hard not to be obvious… but I can tell you do… just admit it already… you’re definitely joansin’ for some of this…this ALICE & OLIVIA baby… Oh ya!!!

Well, now that we got that out of the way… I feel much more comfortable to tell you that these Alice & Olive black & nude numbers are FYA!!!! Again “FIRE” for those not versed in the ghetto slang. But none-the-less FYA!

I have always had a sweet spot for the black & nude lace deal… whether it be lingerie, or fitted dresses, etc… but now some booties oh wow wee, sex-sex-y! For some reason that combo always does actually scream HOT SEX on a PLATTER to me. It’s giving you the illusion of bare skin under something very dark and lacey…. I love that. It’s secretive, it’s hidden… like you’re toying with someone or disguising something, but obviously not really because you can basically see right through it…yum I love that… it’s a turn on, so as you can tell, I’m super feelin’ these booties. 

Turn me on Alice & Oliva, turn me the hell on!


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