Well, at the beginning of November I will be making my first trip to gay ol’ Paris and I am counting the seconds til’ I get there. I’m starting to gather outfits as the days go by and I’m really feeling this look. I am dying to add bowler hats into my wardrobe and I am obsessed with this non-traditional beige colored one, it’s awesome!The color palate is very Parisian, very fall… very cloudy & rainy day-ish… I love it. Back in Cali, I miss my east coast rainy days, the transitions of the seasons, the climate change… so this outfit is my go too… traveling French look… it’s where I’m starting from…and where I’m about to be going too…
I can’t wait. 
Paris by sherocs featuring flap handbags

Valentino belted trench coat, $2,490
3 1 Phillip Lim long knit coat, $627
Marc by Marc Jacobs low rise skinny jeans, £78
Brian Atwood suede booties, $338
Flap handbag, $50
Wheeled travel luggage, $120
Juicy couture jewelry, $16
Twist Tango hat
Product: Diane James Pink Hydrangea Bouquet, $385
Remains to be Scene Paper Set in Paris, $25


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