M.E.: Hello there… little lady aren’t you the sexy one. H: Well, thank you. M.E.: Well, you are very welcome. M.E.: What’s your name?H: Helena…M.E.: Oh nice… that’s a very beautiful name, mine’s Maurice Eve.H: Nice to meet you Maurice Eve…M.E.: If you don’t mind me being too forward I’d like to get to know you and take you to dinner sometime…H: Well, that doesn’t sound too shabby, I’d like that… 
Why can’t we have conversations with our shoes like this? Would that be so odd? So, weird? So, unrealistic?
I think not. 
You know you do it in your head or to yourself while shopping. Well, I’d prefer if when I found that oh-so-awesome pair of shoes, they did in fact answer. I must admit…I sometimes do answer back or them…It goes something like the above… maybe a little longer or shorter conversation. Sometimes a little more frisky, which I adore. The dirty talk. The flirtation that exists when you don’t know one another. It’s fun, it’s light. But most of all exciting. But usually in the end, as not to mirror real life… I’m not that kind of girl ladies…They do end up going home with me and I must say, I rather enjoy it. 

*MAURIE & EVE Helena Biker Boot: $216


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