HAPPY HALLOWEEN! A week later but F it. 

These costumes were too F’ING AWESOME to pass up. Sorry for a few edited F BOMBS, but I’m really so sorry… there is no other word that can really, fully describe how basically FABULOUS these costumes are. 






Sorry I can’t keep tooting our own horns, but I have too. 

BEETLE JUICE, EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS and SWEENEY TODD, uh HELLO! Tim Burton would be so proud. I think he might even ask us to be in a frickin movie in fact. 

We took the NYC Annual Halloween Parade by storm and by storm I mean we had paparazzi, literally everywhere. We must have taken over 100+ pictures and it was such a good, positive, fun-tastic time. I think we literally laughed the entire night at ourselves and with others. We loved it. 

We didn’t get many digits, or hit on, but did often show real pictures of ourselves because people wanted to know how we looked in real life and we shocked. Only then did the “yo ma’s” and “let’s exchange numbers” come out lol, it was a beautiful evening and thank you Ryan and Nat & NYC for a most memorable and F’ING tremendously killer Halloween. 


Beetle, Edward & Sweeney….


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