The Parisians love them some gold and I LOVE IT. 

I was in heaven @ the Palace of Versailles, in Versailles, France. The gold was outrageous. 

I mean literally the gates opening up into the courtyard are all painted in gold leaf… and they currently are re-doing most of the Palace (all the gold parts), and I must say in one word it looked GLORIOUS. 

It’s a marvel to think about how so many hundreds of years ago, that they built these ornate beautiful buildings and they are still (with some major upkeep) still so beautiful and glamorous today.

France, hands down, has some of the most insanely brilliant and stunning architecture I have ever seen. It’s been so well kept, it’s a marvel how it still stands looking so pristine and majestic… it’s as if you’re stepping back through the hands of time and I have cherished every one of those moments. 


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