Goodman’s = YUM.

My dad and I had the pleasure of eating here, and wow… it was really good. The steak was perfect and the mac n’ cheese was frickin’ awesome. The service was FAB and the beer, amazing. 

Goodman’s ambiance wise, is typical steak house: dark wood walls, dark wood huge tables, bar, beer/wine and MEN, LOTS AND LOTS OF MEN. Why is that? What is it about men and meat that is so appealing to them? The huge hunk of cow? I don’t know… But usually the primary people in steak houses are men in suits and ties… I think I was one of like 4 woman in the entire place, but hey… good for me, sad for them. Our server Amelia was delightful and a fellow fashionista so you know we hit it off right away. 

So, all in all I highly recommend eating here if you’re in London, it’s in the Mayfair area and totally worth every penny. 


26 Maddox Street – Mayfair, London W1S 1QT


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