HO HO HO Ladies!

Here are some Holiday Treats, for your Holiday Feets via The Outnet, or maybe even a ridiculously awesome gift for your friend named SheRocS (wink wink besties). I know she really wouldn’t mind if any of these little lovelies popped up under the tree this year in a size 6.5 all her wonderful, gift giving friends of hers… hint hint… or even from “Santa”. 

It’s just an idea, just throwing it out there, hey a closed mouth does not get fed, right?

But back to the holidays, or as I like to call it HoliDAIN (my last name)… we should all be so lucky to spend they holidays with even one person in the world who loves us unconditionally, but wouldn’t it feel even luckier and more special if your perfectly amazing feet had a delicious little place to rest inside one pair of these shoes? I mean they do a lot of work during the holidays: shopping, cooking, schlepping to and fro, wrapping presents, unwrapping presents, feeding santa, I mean… they deserve it, you really do owe it to the special lady in your life to make sure her toe-sest with the mostest have a scrumptious place to call home after the day is done. 

I mean that’s what they holidays are all about right? Giving. 

And I’d like someone to give me one of these pairs of shoes… I promise I’ve been good all year long. 

Well…for the most part. 

So, “Santa” go on… give a little. Give a little HoliDAIN cheer, I promise to be good to my shoes all year long………….so I can get another pair next year!!!!




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