I think I may have caught the mother load of gifts I needed to ask for, RIGHT AFTER FRICKIN CHRISTMAS, thanks God. 

This coat is FAN-TAB-U-LOUS. WOW WEE. The stripes, the faux fur, the nauticalness about it all. I need it. Pixie Market always has the bomb rap song gear on their site ladies, and this is just one perfect example of why I keep coming back. 

I mean I might literally have to take the lovely gift givers of COLD HARD CASH to me this year and make this phenomenal purchase, because this just SCREAMS me, HOLLAS SheRocS! Hey!! Hoooo! Hey!!! Hooo!

There is no going wrong here with this purchase, I have justified it to myself and I think Santa would approve don’t you? And actually Santa should also really get on it for next year with the ultimate gifts and trends, so that I can get this kinda thing on my list ahead of time! Duh Santa!!!



Navy and white furry stripe faux fur coat with wool sleeve cuff and bottom hem. Lined. No closure. 23” long.


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