Agenda NYC 2012 (part three) The Homies.

In the Trade Show business you will always have a handful of the best, best of homies that become like fam, here are some of mine. Thank you for always making work a pleasure and a joy to be around. 


Super Sal, Albert, Al etc… whatever you may call him from YRB amongst others… he is THE BEST PERSON ever. Love you!

Alan from Orisue, you’re a new homie but an awesome one!

Tia Tia ma mia from my olden MAGIC days and FrenchFriesNchanel, I love this girl, she is like my sista from anotha mista, miss you already!

Mr. Peralta people…aka The Flud Man. He does everything and anything for Flud and one of my super favs. 

Stefon, the newest Flud family member, ahhh youth! Get ready for MAGIC!

Josh from 10 Deep is like the oldest homie, from TRUE back in the day… and Miss Katie Schilling the MAGIC crew member with the mostest! 

Ah ya, this is a happy ending to a joyous and positive trip back to my home away from home me, Tia and Kenny from MAGIC. This is the best picture of Kenny you will ever see. Trust me. 

Thanks to everyone and all those I did not get the fab pleasure of taking a picture with. Agenda was awesome, New York was even better, be back to business in my heart of New York God willing sooner than later!

Until MAGIC. 



Agenda NYC 2012 (part one)

So, Agenda NYC was this last Monday & Tuesday January 23rd & 24th and off to NYC I was. It was a great show with a ton of awesome brands, in a relaxed atmosphere. Great seeing all the old and new peeps handling business and a whole lot of networking and dun in between. 

If you’re with a brand, starting your own a buyer or anything in between you should really check out either their Long Beach show and/or the NYC show when trade show season comes around. Agenda has really stepped it up a notch and it is becoming a really competitive show for the streetwear industry. 

me talking to the guys @ SABIT NYC

Delicious Vinyl


Poler – this was one of my absolute fav brands at the show, they make THE coolest sleeping bags that are “snuggie esq” but way, way cooler. You have to check them out. 

Orisue – Alan gettin’ his sales on

Rogue Status

B.G.R.T – Moonshine handlin’ his biz

SABIT NYC – Laurent showin’ off the latest and greatest


Herschel – these are some of the dopest bags ever, you need to take a look at this brand. They are heavy on the rise and make some premiere bags, satchels, totes, wallets, duffles, etc… 


Mighty Healthy


Joel the homie working Agenda

The fam Flud watches in the building – the best watches and accessories ever! Check out their new line of sunglasses hitting MAGIC @ SLATE in a few weeks in Vegas!

About the Show:

The Agenda Trade Show is a forum for the most inspired in the streetwear and action sports industries to unite. Lines speak for themselves and buyers are not intimidated by the usual overwhelming tradeshow experience. From the garage-run lines on the verge of explosion, to the well-established elite, Agenda caters to the needs of buyers and brands that exist on a higher level of design and aesthetic. With a strong emphasis in style, art, music and culture, the Agenda experience is as much a lesson as it is a tool.


Show Sections:

The BERRICS AGENDA partnership continues the integration of the skateboard industry by featuring a section in The Agenda Show dedicated entirely to skateboard brands.

Click here for press article:

The AGENDA SNOW show segment showcases the industry’s top snowboarding brands. Agenda Snow occurs once a year during Agenda’s January show in California.

Click here for press article:

Agenda Snow Commercials:

Danny Kass & The Dingo talk business at Agenda Snow

Agenda Snow Commercial

PRIMER is a special section of the show dedicated exclusively to young emerging brands, which embody the same independent, artistic spirit on which Agenda was founded.


I love me a Tux. 

I love me a Bow Tie. 

Now I really love me a mean tuxedo bathing suit by Fables by Barrie

This is so much more than a bathing suit. Worn to the beach or the pool, yes but this little number has such the potential to go a long,long way. 

Possibly with great black slacks and an awesome pump, or maybe a little more casual with a wide leg jean or rockin’ pair of skinnies. Possibly a red or leopard pencil skirt and a killer pair of shoes, I mean come on ladies, the possibilities are endless. This isn’t just a swim suit it’s a wonder suit and a multiple usage piece in your closet. Open your mind! 

I love anything that is versatile and I can get, multiple, multiple wears out of and this baby you can do it all!


Ladies, ladies, ladies… for those of us, you, me, anyone on this earth who doesn’t have one ounce of fat on their BOOOOOOOOOODIES and may not have the luxury of wearing, lets say a cut out dress, with slits right along… hmmm, the back side of yo a$$, or across yo tum tum… I have a solution. 


In this case, a cut out wedged platform by Michael Antonio and I must say this is quite the cut out wedged platform if I do say so myself.

YUM YUM GIMME SOME baby. I’m all about comfort, height, style and sex appeal for my legs and booty-tang and um, these are kinda doing all of the above for me. If you are one who has not “dared” try the platform yet, um ladies you are doing yourself a dis-service.

You may be thinking to yourself… “They are sooooo high” (waaaa) or “They look painfully tall, my feet would never last an hour“… that is where you are dead wrong sister… they are super comfortable and your toesies will last WAY longer than let’s say a stiletto… trust me, I am 5 ft nada and these types of heels are my fav. You will be taller than most (my fav), but it’s kinda great looking down on the little people for once (for me anyways), even if it’s only while wearing these bad boys, alas it is an amazing feeling.

You DO though need to have excellent balance as you will come into situations such as eg. the New York City F’d up curb, or the ever so lovely person who is not paying attention while walking and you need to dodge them, alas perhaps an oncoming cab or car running a light comes your way and you have to put some pep in your step,… these types of occurrences will require you to manuever at a quicker, more graceful pace or manner, but YOU CAN DO IT, I have faith in you and so does our lovely and fabulous friend, Mr. Michael Antonio, so cut-it-out already… get your platform on!

Michael Antonio Studio Gallista Black Velvet Cutout Platforms – $149.00

Those other cutouts don’t make the cut once you’ve seen the Michael Antonio Studio Gallista Black Velvet Cutout Platforms! Gorgeous laser cutouts form an intricate web-work from peep toe to ankle, with tonal top-stitching to trace every nook and crannie. Black velvet adds that extra touch of elegance (as if you needed more). 3.25” zipper at heel has a fabulous tassel pull. Wrapped 2.5” super platform accentuates the 5.5” chunky heel (with rubber tip). Cushioned insole. Non-skid velvet sole. Fit is true to size (round down if you’re between sizes). Available in whole and half sizes. Measurements are for a size 6. All vegan friendly, man made materials. Imported.


Oh SNAP, I think I’m seeing STARS!

Yep, definitely kinda seeing some type of celestial beings floating around, nope…nope… not my eyes…. not my head…. oh yes Lord, thank you Jesus! Hallelujah dear sweet God!! It’s my feet!

Mr. JC (Jeffrey Campbell for those of you not “in the know”) none other than my fantastical shoe side piece, shhh he doesn’t really know I use that way to speak about him just yet, alas …. he has taken the stars from the heavens above themselves and so gently placed them (in gold no less, thank you lover) abreast these wedged-bootie wonders. So now I can truly feel what it must be like to walk in heaven, on earth. 

I really just do not know how someone can continue to reach deep within the realms of my SOLE (yes, SOLE, not SOUL) and constantly bring my dreams to life. 

It is you my ever dearest JC, always and only you. 

Sweet dreams my love. 



Jeffrey Campbell Kelsey – Black Suede Gold Studded Wedges – $246.00

Sometimes when you reach for the stars, you come up with a treasure like the Jeffrey Campbell Kelsey-ST Black Suede Gold Studded Wedges! Absolutely irresistible upper has a cowgirl-inspired, mule shape in black suede with a wealth of golden studs in a stars and spikes motif. Pull-on style has tabs at either side of the ankle, with cute covered buttons for extra class, plus a covered elastic slingback at the heel for an unbelievably comfy fit that stays in place! Peep toe and deep cutout vamp are trimmed in black whip-stitching for that perfect finishing touch. Hidden wood platform grows from 1.5” at vamp to 5.5” at wedge heel (plus rubber tip). Fit is true to size (round down if you’re between sizes). Available in whole and half sizes. Measurements are for a size 6. Leather upper. Balance man made. Imported.
*Jeffrey Campbell also makes them in this amazing floral print as well – 

Get YO SEXY on!

These new lovelies by Mara Hoffman and We are Handsome, will definitely make you wanna get your Kanye Workout Plan on in a heart beat. 

Mara Hoffman always makes super fab suits, with the bangin’ textiles and prints. A little unusual, but that is right up my ally when looking for a suit. I either want it to be super simple and/or out of this world and really she does such a good job of the later, but mixed with the simplicity of great cuts and styles for the body. 

We are Handsome, is always off their rocker, which is exactly why I heart them. These are always so reminiscent of high school for me, and my stint with gymnastics. We had the craziest prints, but the cuts were always pretty universal. I love the dream like state We are Handsome always seems to be in with their choices of prints, makes me feel like the suit will actually have a lifetime instead of short stay in my swim suit drawer. 

Either way you go, Mara or Handsome, you are sure to be a sun stunner (tan ladies faux if you must) this swim suit season.

Is it me or is GLITTER frickin’ everywhere?  I never thought myself to be a “Glitter Girl” but sh*************t… it is rubbin’ off all over me. I think I’m become a little glitter fiend! I keep discovering more and more … Continue reading