So the New Year is here (woo woo) and what better way to get your groove on in 2012 that with some stunning new shades (*please stop calling the “sunnies” people, it’s just so ewe, we all don’t need to shorten every frickin word like Rachel Zoe, “fab” is where I draw the line).

The fabulous store Cloak and Dagger has some super duper shades right now by Ksubi and Karen Walker. Both known to make some really ridiculously cool, edgy sunglasses @ a reasonable price point. 

The No 1 Krazy in the tortoise shell by Karen Walker, $180 are one of my favorites as well as Skeleton Black by Tsubi, $210, I really can’t get enough of all of them all really and am in dire need to some new shiz-ades… so maybe that will be another one of my 2012 resolutions this year, to look even more extra fabulous than normal. Just take it up a notch or two… but shouldn’t we all? Shouldn’t we all, always strive to look super cali-fab-ri-licious at all times?

I think so. 



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