Let’s Get Ready to “RUMBLE” !!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been lovin’ these LOVER Jeffery Campbell’s “Rumble” Booties for a while now. When I first saw the green style a month or so ago, I did a little dance. Literally, I love the simplicity of the design, yet the color totally did me over. Who makes green boots? And again, who makes green SUEDE booties? Only my long time love slave, Mr. Campbell. He combined 3 of my favorite things into one: green, suede and bootie… (lol) 

So, NOW he decides to go ahead and make a rust color and a blush color, ah HELLO. Could you make my life anymore difficult, it was already hard enough, deciding between the go to black, or my ever coveted green pair, now I have to share my love between a lovely faint pink and my every so second fav color, burnt naranja? 


You’re killin’ me here. 

Tearing my little shoe heart apart. Puttin’ both sides at odds against one another, dividing them by color! How dare you! If only love were really blind… or is it? 

Maybe it just means I have to have all of them as my lovers… JC you will have to share me now. I apologize, but what can a girl do? 

I just have so much LOVE to give ;o)

Smoochies darling Jeffrey



*Awesome forest green suede ankle boots featuring a chunky stacked heel. Padded top, tasseled zip closure at back. Leather interior, cushioned insole. Perfect paired with cutoffs or your go-to skinnies! By Jeffrey Campbell.

*Genuine leather upper
*Shoe Height: 8.25”
*Heel Height: 4”
*Runs true to size


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