Agenda NYC 2012 (part three) The Homies.

In the Trade Show business you will always have a handful of the best, best of homies that become like fam, here are some of mine. Thank you for always making work a pleasure and a joy to be around. 


Super Sal, Albert, Al etc… whatever you may call him from YRB amongst others… he is THE BEST PERSON ever. Love you!

Alan from Orisue, you’re a new homie but an awesome one!

Tia Tia ma mia from my olden MAGIC days and FrenchFriesNchanel, I love this girl, she is like my sista from anotha mista, miss you already!

Mr. Peralta people…aka The Flud Man. He does everything and anything for Flud and one of my super favs. 

Stefon, the newest Flud family member, ahhh youth! Get ready for MAGIC!

Josh from 10 Deep is like the oldest homie, from TRUE back in the day… and Miss Katie Schilling the MAGIC crew member with the mostest! 

Ah ya, this is a happy ending to a joyous and positive trip back to my home away from home me, Tia and Kenny from MAGIC. This is the best picture of Kenny you will ever see. Trust me. 

Thanks to everyone and all those I did not get the fab pleasure of taking a picture with. Agenda was awesome, New York was even better, be back to business in my heart of New York God willing sooner than later!

Until MAGIC. 




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