If you haven’t heard of Stampd’LA I’m very sorry for you, because you really need to be on it. They are a brand out of LA, that is growing and growing fast. Chris Stamp is the rock star behind Stampd’LA and his brand is ever growing with his already released sneaker/shoe line, Study available on Karmaloop, that is super dope no pun intended. 

They are on the rise and definitely a staple for any LA Native and or lover of LA LA Land. 

3D logo embroidery on front panel, silkscreen under the brim and Dope Collection embroidery next to the snaps.

Designed and Produced in Downtown Los Angeles.


Black Bones Snap Back & 

3D Bones Logo embroidery on front panel. 
Embroidery above snaps on reverse.

Camo Twill, Overdyed Black

Designed and Produced in Downtown Los Angeles.

Comes with a Dope Collection pin set.


400 + silver hand screwed pyramid studs, covering full grain black leather.

Coming Soon.


The Dope Collection by Stampd.
Cut N’ Sew program.

100% high grade cotton/poly jersey blend.
Light enzyme wash, very soft.
Side seam woven label.

Front Logo hit, back left corner seal hit.

Cut, Sewn and Designed in the U.S.A.

Each shirt comes with a Dope Collection pin set and stickers.

Available January 6th @ 12am PST.

Limited to 50 PCS.


This jacket is so sick, alas they are sold out, but I just wanted to tease you a little with how extremely fresh Stamp’dLA really, really is. 


Billionaire Bzzzzz!

Billionaire Boys Club x Mark McNairy Bee Line


Can I get a female line to make me some Vintage Americana brands like Mark McNairy? Ah hello.  I mean come on, the Billionaire Boys Club x Mark McNairy Bee Line letterman jacket alone with the gold leather sleeves is so sick I can’t even handle it. I literally may have just got so excited after seeing this line in GQ, I may have pee’d a little, seriously. 

I mean why do men just get the ill jackets, like come on… smaller sizes please and the ladies will be sure to follow. 

(Via GQ)

And check the boots – YUM. Boys if you wear these, the ladies will be linin’ up out the door… FO SHO!!! Well, only if you have the style and personality to match, but the shoes honestly might get it alone 🙂 They are that dope. Good luck! 

Some FAB brands & peeps from PROJECT Las Vegas Feb 2012

BOTB (Bell of the Brawl by the lovely Lanie of Hellz Bellz): Lanie from Hellz is possibly the cutest thing ever for starters and so sweet, so it’s no surprise her new line BOTB is frickin just aw awesome as she is, keep an eye out!

GPPR (ill menswear by the hubby in crime of Lanie)

TVK – the illest swimwear line, ladies & gents must check them out

Ezekiel – the boys of Irvine bringing you contemporary skate wear at it’s best!

M.S.T.R. (Meister – German for Master) Watches – Hi Eric!! Sick watches!

Chambers, the new homie Josh reppin’ a super dope menswear line

Gear Collective Showroom NYC @ Project Feb 2012

Ladies & Gents let me introduce you to my fabulous new team, I like to call them… The Smalls. 

Jarah, Love, Alli & D. 

This is the Gear Collective Crew and our fabulous brands, AIAIAI & 11 After 11. This is just a little peak at us hard at work and working the booths at Project Fashion Trade Show. 

It’s a great group, good things come in small packages 🙂 

The fabulous Love at the 11 after 11 booth, working her magic, and her style… watch out people this girl can dress her ass off and has the kicks to match. Shoe game is serious.

The owners and creators of 11 after 11, Hong Kong in the house!

Oh how the love was in the air! 😉


Alli & me



The Smalls stylin’



The last day

Packed up and ret’ ta go! Peace out Vegas, it’s been real!