“Illest Mu’ F#cka Alive” sweat pants by CPTL

Ok, ok… so if you KNOW me and KNOW me well, you know I rock a mean sweat pant. Like I think I’m a little addicted to them and wish they were totally socially acceptable to wear ah…. pretty much all the time. So, needless to say when my boys at CPTL made the “Illest Mu’ F#cka Alive” sweat pants, I had to have them. 

CPTL is a brand based out of Portland, OR and they are ‘bout about it’ in regards to their hip-hop gear. From sneakers to hats, to now thank the lord, sweats… these dudes love to create a great play on words with a heavy hip-hop influence and make some cool a$$ clothes out of it. 

These are the super, super dope sweats I received today in the mail and I can’t wait to rock the sh#t outta them. Thanks so much to TJ Hooker and the rest of the CPTL family! I will wear them well out in Cali & NY and make CPTL proud!

***”We announce the ‘Illest Mu’ F#cka Alive’ sweatpants by CPTL. Produced in limited quantities because, well, there aint that many ILL mu’ fuckas out there.

Script print reads: “I’ve been in this game for years, it’s made me an ANIMAL”. Word to BIG.”

Stack of $20′s not included.***


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