Hot Damn Oh here we go again!

My, my, my… my, my, my, my, my… ya sure look good tonight… 

Oh ya baby, these are the BOMB RAP SONG! Mr. Jeffrey back at it again with the wedged sneakers… coming correct with these black leather studded joints! 

I might really, deeply LOVE Mr. Campbell + Nasty Gal… how oh how do you keep designing the most insanely dope shoes? I mean what goes on in that fabulous head of yours (and design team) over joys me on so many levels. I thank you always for coming out with the freshest kicks of all kinds in the shoe game right now and now with the sneakers, you’re conquering the best of both worlds.

It’s a wrap people. It’s a frickin wrap. 

Edea Spike Sneaker


Badass black leather wedge sneakers featuring a lace-up front and silver studded and spiked heel. White sole with contrast stitching. Genuine leather lining by Jeffrey Campbell. 

*Genuine Leather 
*Shoe Height: 6.5”
*Heel Height: 4.5”
*Runs true to size

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