Ok. So if you’ve ever read my blog you know I’m a bit…just a tiny, tiny, bit of a shoe… pardon my French… WHORE.

I really can’t help it… AT ALL. If I were to put it into words, shoes are just the one thing (sad I know) that makes me utterly happy. So, if per say a therapist were to over hear or read this blog, they would say I have a bit of an… addiction and I would not be able to argue one iota. 

So, yes they are like drugs to me… within reason. I just don’t like all kinds of “drugs” in this case, shoes, but these little lovely thangs from our dear friend ‘Cheap Monday’ are totally and completely on that “drug” list. 

I mean what is not to totally adore? They are one of my favorite colors when it comes to bootie esq shoes/boots, faded grey suede, so they already look totally worn in… not too “new” looking. The low heel is hubba hubba for hot summer months of city living, yet tuff enough to give your gear some street cred. 

All in all, they are my fav motto – THE BOMB RAP SONG and I would truly love to add them to my regiment of shoes aka drugs for my feet. 

(via Cheap Monday The Kloss Horse Boot in Black Suede : Karmaloop.com – Global Concrete Culture)


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