To know me is to LOVE me in my personal opinion and well… if you know me, know me, you know I LOVE me some NEON and not just when it became a fad, but always.

One of my desires in life is to kinda be the brightest crayon in the box, literally… and what a better way to keep me on my path towards NEONDOM, than this frickin DRESS!

HUBBA HUBBA baby… I’m thinking night out with the ladies maybe? Or whenever I finally get asked out on a proper date? (it’s been a while ladies… and gents if you’re out there lol) Or wait, maybe just for me on any frickin FUNDAY to look absolutely like my motto, (no ‘YOLO’ here people) “THE BOMB RAP SONG” baby! I think yes. 

Never in life can you shine too bright, never. 

(via Blinded Lace Dress in What’s New at Nasty Gal)


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