I love me a mean jump suit and no, this may not be the most sexiest outfit in the world, but boy is it stylin’. 

Pixie Market always brings the latest and greatest for the adventurous style lover, and this item in 100% denim is one of my latest favs. 

Baggy and loose in all the right spots, low cut at the neck and all the right kind of length for folding and rolling where you need it, to make it your own. 

Plus, did I mention this has a whole lotta room if you’re out late gettin’ your grub on with your friends and need just a little extra breathing room towards the end of let’s say you’re late night Korean BBQ evening with your friends? Well people, it does. 

Plus, it will last a lifetime, come in and out of style and back again and will always remain your outfit snuggie you can actually wear out in public, now how can you go wrong with that? You can’t. You just can’t. 

Live out loud, live BIG. 


(via Denim jumpsuit [Dre3955] – $145 : Pixie Market, Fashion-Super-Market)


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