Everyone needs a little denim in their life, especially a long sleeved denim button up with studs! Ah hello?

This is one of my ‘go-to’ items for accessorizing, a long sleeved anything, but most definitely something denim oriented and if there can be some studs tossed in there and gold/silver ones at that, uh… I’m all over it fo sho. 

This is a great everyday, anytime, seasonal, year round, on-the-go, accessory for styling yourself on the regular. Trust me, you need a piece like this if not this one in particular. LAYERING people, have I taught you nothing throughout the duration of my blog? 🙂

Well get on it already, ladies and gents alike… we all could use a classic denim shirt in our lives, believe me you’ll LOVE it LONG time. 


Paint me a picture!!

Isn’t this the coolest vase you’ve ever seen? I stumbled upon this vase designed by Harry Allen, on and amazing decorating/home furnishings website that you MUST check out by the way, and fell in total lust for this piece. 

I love items that are weird and odd, things people won’t usually buy… but totally stand out. This would be a fabulous gift for a housewarming or a person in your life who loves little interesting, not-your average gift, gift. 

It stands alone as an awesome decorating piece or a gorgeous vase full of a breathtaking array of flowers, your choice, but all the same beautiful. 

Designer:  Harry Allen

Material: Resin and Marble

Dimensions: 12 x 5 x 6 inches

Brush Vase was originally intended to hold paint brushes, but we thought filling it with flowers was a beautiful idea too, so we’ve included a glass insert to hold water.


I am super feelin’ this look from recent fashion week, and Los Angeles based brand, Band of Outsiders

I’ve always been extremely into accessories, and suspenders are no exception. From rainbow, to basic black, to leopard, I’m all over them. I really always have adored the kind that have button holes and are work like old fashion styled suspenders, buttoning into the actual pants, alas this would require more of my pants having buttons sewn on the inside, which just isn’t realistic. 

I’m so happy they are making a comeback for all of those who forgot about them after the TLC and Kris Kros days, so get out there ladies and get you some! Channel your inner 1920s or maybe even 1990s hip-hop rap star, warning though, suspenders might make you wanna…. JUMP JUMP! 

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