Just because… IT’S DOPE.

self explanatory. the best. 



My BOYFRIEND (sorry Alicia) is at again!!! I don’t care what none of ya’ll say, I love me some Swizz Beatz and this new single with A$AP Rocky, ‘Street Knock’, is the business.

Take a listen, download, then bob yo’ head and get yo’ groove on ladies and gents…

Lady Gaga’s Vogue cover debut Lady Gaga in the pink for her first American Vogue magazine cover.

So the March Power House Issue of the “Style Bible”, is officially out and as much as I am confused on whether I love or don’t love Lady Gaga, these photos are awesome. I love, love, love the cover, it’s just something so edgy for Vogue. I admire the risks Miss Gaga takes in fashion, in her life and in her music. I love her originality and creativity and the passion she has to put herself out there, most people do not have the, pardon me, balls, to do so, for that she is truly a breath taking person in our culture. 

Check out the rest of the shoot below…



So, as I normally do I’m happily searching out new art, fashion, style, food, etc… on the internet and to my wonderful fortune I stumbled upon Gaia and by these photographs I’m sure you can understand why my jaw pretty much dropped the second I saw the work. These are gorgeous, huge, and just really cool frickin art. I would love to own one of his pieces and plan too, or just keep finding his work and taking pictures of it and hanging them in my apartment. I just had to pay tribute to a fantastic street style artist and pray we continue to get more beautiful and outrageous pieces from him. Check out Gaia @ www.gaiastreetart.com