I am a love of all things camo. Well, let’s rewind that a little bit, anything in camo done right and not tacky, because we all know where that can go… so so wrong. 

SOPHNET’s new spring line for ‘12 is ill and does nothing wrong, just all completely right. Again, in my menswear fantasy closet, these would all exist. The pastel camo button up alone, is so dope. I heart it mucho. But you really have to check out the rest of their line as well, it is all amazingly well done contemporary wear and if you’re into style and well tailored pieces, trust you will love even the non-camo pieces, ;o)

Japan is taking over the contemporary menswear/street industry, so just stay tuned here and I will keep you well informed. 

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Holiday Gift Guide: $50 smack-a-roos & under!

Holiday Gift Guide (using under $50: 

We all could use a little guiding in the right direction to save some cash these coming holidays… I know I do… and Lulus always has awesome, cool, very fashionable items for a pretty darn good price. 

So, I’ve compiled some of my favs and though why not share them? Tis’ the season right?

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Claire Fong Tropical Fire Orange Leather Earrings – $35 

Western Skies Fringe Handbag – $41

YouCube Square Ring – $11

My Delicious Shiro Gold Glitter Multi Sparkle Pumps – $34

Grab Bag Black Handbag – $43

Featherchained Brass and Silver Necklace – $21

Mona Mia Lori Brown Multi Peekaboo Peep Toe Wedges – $46

Egypt Alight Twisted Gold Necklace – $19

Year of the Snake Gold Hoop Earrings – $19

Qupid Puffin 05 Black Cutout Ankle Booties – $37

BackPack it up B*tches!!!

This is a fan-tab-u-lous (fantastic + fabulous) backpack! Again, my lover Jeffrey Campell astounds us with his magic, now only with bags, backpacks, clutches, etc…the whole nine.

Standing ovation my man… standing frickin ovation. 

I don’t know how me manages to constantly wow us, alas he does. I mean you really gotta give it to the JC team because they are setting trend, after trend in the shoe game for real. Everyone is copying, everything he comes out with and I’m sure the bag line will be next. 

This backpack is crazy. I mean the only time I EVER rock a backpack, is at yoga or the gym with my favorite tried and true, Triple 5 Soul backpack. I never, ever was that girl (shame on you if you were) that rocked those tiny, min backpacks, those were a super fashion faux pas ladies, oh wow a whole other level least fav trends. But this JC backpack can come with me anywhere, I’m reevaluating my love for the backpack, starting immediately with this one.

Pure hotness JC, pure hotness. 

Awesome woven fabric backpack with bright orange suede accents. Features three fringed tassel details at the top. Two front zipper pockets. Multiple interior pockets. Flap closure with drawstring closure underneath. Cotton lining.

*By Jeffrey Campbell
*14” wide, 14” long, 7.5” deep

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