LOVE: lovejules


I frikin love ETSY. This is possible my best find to date on ETSY for sure – lovejules – hand crafted, made-to-order leather boat shoes and hightop moccasins. I am totally and completely in LOVE. 

The textiles, the gun on the toe, the colors, the leather so dope, these are definitely conversation pieces and something you will have that no one else will. 

They are based out of Canada and make hand crafted leather swag, get on it people!


We’re Julia (Jules) Vagelatos & Joshua Blodans. We’re partners in business, life, & crime, and we handcraft leather swag. 

We have a small Whistler, British Columbia, Canada garage based studio. If you’ve never been up here, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Joshua is an accountant turned artist, I’m an artist turned businesswoman. With our powers combined, we get by. We’re lucky and we know it… clap your hands.


My girl EGR, check her out people!

Her latest and greatest is already out and ready to buy, EGR’s been a friend of mine for forever now, or shall I say pen pal. We’ve never actually met but always shared a love of art, street culture, graffiti and all that in between. 

Here is a little bit about her:

Erica Gosich Rose aka EGR, grew up in Burlington; a quiet suburban city just a train ride away from Toronto, Canada. Her fascination with street art intensified while traveling ‘along the line’ to and from Sheridan College for Interpretive Illustration; the aesthetics and concepts of which are still featured prominently in her work today. EGR’s works can be found on crumbling city walls and in pristine art galleries, from fine art to murals, illustration and even live art. Part of EGR’s appeal is her ability to bridge art, design and functional purpose. She is just as comfortable with traditional oil paints and brushes as she is wielding aerosol spraycans- in locales as far as Australia, France and even Florence, Italy. Pop culture and social references abound in the work of EGR, though the female perspective is a recurring staple. As women are still a minority in the boys’ club of urban art, many consider her a pioneer in the street art world. EGR’s work has appeared in Graffiti World and Graffiti Women books, and has exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, as well as various galleries and spaces throughout North America and the world.