To Stuff or Not to Stuff?

UBIQ – Fatima Kitty


I’m not really sure how sold I am on all these stuffed animal so-to-speak sneakers. As my friends, family and fellow blog followers probably know, I am definitely into the more adventurous, colorful, fun side of fashion, but I don’t quite know what to do with these stuffed animal kicks, let alone pay $254.95 for them. 

Love leopard, love pink, actually do like the white and black versions as well, I mean what girl at some point in time hasn’t liked Hello Kitty, or in UBIQ’s case, “Fatima Kitty“… I mean really, don’t lie ladies… this is actually kinda cute.

I think the outfit worn with this would have to be severely toned down and let these be the ‘statement’ pieces… but I feel like they may actually be growing on me. Jeremy Scott obviously the trend setter in this department with Adidas, but others are catching on my friend…who knew our childhood stuffed animal favs and their heads would wind up attached to our feet and rocked as a 2012 fashion accessory?

1/2” platform. Fabric upper and man made sole. Fits small. In between sizes should order up! Size US8 (EU 38) insole measures at 9 3/8 inches or 23.5cm. Each half size is 1/4 inch or 1/2cm difference. 


Here comes the “Welcome Wagon”!


Welcome Wagon No.1

How cool is this spin on the modern day wagon? This is so hip! Perfect for city dwellers and suburbians alike. 

Anything from carrying groceries to and from the store, maybe shopping around a flea market, or around your local thrift shops, maybe even a toddler or 2. This wagon is phenomenal and even just a wonderful artistic piece. 

I love when people take an average, everyday item and turn it into something fabulous and this “Welcome Wagon” by Laurel Broughton is frickin awesome, brings back so many childhood memories and I absolutely adore anything that can do that the older and older I become. 

Thanks Laurel


PRICE: $450.00

Welcome is a collection of projects by Laurel Broughton of Los Angeles. 

Welcome’s Wagon series is a curated bricolage of style and function that merge playful aesthetics with the timeless need to carry and convey. Each Wagon is modeled after an icon of carriage- Wagon No.1 starts with the honest mason’s bag and adds wheels and a friendly demeanor for the perfect companion. A furniture-accessory, Wagon No.1 is just right for at-the-door slipper containment, magazines and couch-side attendance, toys and other storage plus infinitely more uses. Each is numbered and produced in a limited edition in Los Angeles.”

This item is available in-store only. Please give us a call if you are interested so that we can calculate freight costs (212) 925-1005 Creatures of Comfort.