I’m so annoyed.

If VANS, NIKE/Jordan Brand, Supreme, Adidas, Reebok, Gourmet, Supra, Creative Rec, ALIFE, Undefeated, (I’m calling you ALL OUT) etc… the classic people don’t start making shit in SMALL sizes (the dope SHI*T people), I’m going to have a fit. I’m so tired of the PINKS and BABY colors for woman. I mean we want the realness too FOOTWEAR BRANDS ACROSS THE BOARD! 

GEESH, I mean why should we miss out on all the flava? All the “G” styles, prints, color ways? Ahhhh HELLO? GIve us a break. I was so bummed missing this Vans/Commes des Garcons period, I was well aware they were coming out and saddened to only see MENS sizes on there, or pardon me ladies with GIANT feet, your size as well. But I’m 5’1 and have 5’1 size feet, size 4.0-5.0 to be exact and we ladies are exhausted from being left out. 

This has been the story of my life being a sneaker fiend since I kinda popped out of the womb. I’be been put on “restriction”, “probation” and “grounded” from buying sneakers and shoes my whole life because my parentals thought I had a so-called, “problem” or “addiction” so-to-speak, well maybe … I digress, it’s important to me and something I love… footwear is essential in my mind to make “the perfect look” look just that much better…

So, I beg of you SNEAKER BRANDS, ATHLETIC BRANDS, FOOTWEAR BRANDS across the board, show the midget feet people some love and make little itty bitty sizes, I will bet my life on it they will sell out just as well as your big ol’ man feet sizes do. 

Thank you and Forever Yours, 



DRESS LIKE A MAN! pretty please

Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons MAN Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook by Union

This is why sometimes I would like to be a man, or at least have this kind of menswear made just a wee bit smaller into woman’s wear. Junya Watanabe be the name and their continuous duo with Comme des Garcons is an ongoing smash. 

Men. You need to add more of these pieces into your wardrobe. Woman will LOVE you more. Trust me. If you didn’t look like you rolled out of bed half the time or hadn’t gotten a shape-up in years (for you non-east coasters, that is in fact called a HAIR CUT boys!). 

I mean how hard is it to really just add a few fabulous, ok wrong word for you, but how hard is it to add a few stylish pieces to your wardrobe, just to spruce it up. Most woman love clothes, and I’m telling you when I man looks like he knows what he’s doing in the fashion dept it’s almost like a home run. We like you looking groomed but still masculine, put together yet still like you can kick some ass or tailored, yet you still can rock our world. 

Hey, I’m just putting it out there. Maybe your lady won’t tell you, but I will, that’s for sure. Looking good doesn’t have to mean you look pretty, you can still be one sexy mofo and rock a bad ass, contemporary fisherman’s sweater style, letterman jacket. It takes some ba**s we know this and it’s not for everyone, but we do find it extremely hot, so why not try it on, we’re asking nicely… wink wink :O)