Just because… IT’S DOPE.

self explanatory. the best. 



Frank Ocean – Pyramids

Again and again and again, my boy Frank Ocean is coming with the heat, with truly inspiring work and music to my ears.

Become a fan if you haven’t already – this is his latest song, Pyramids, from his highly anticipated album, Channel Orange.

My BOYFRIEND (sorry Alicia) is at again!!! I don’t care what none of ya’ll say, I love me some Swizz Beatz and this new single with A$AP Rocky, ‘Street Knock’, is the business.

Take a listen, download, then bob yo’ head and get yo’ groove on ladies and gents…

This is literally THE CUTEST THING I have ever seen. It’s the Ellen Show with a little * year old girl who is dying to be, meet and sing with Nicki Minaj.

She can SING her heart out, knows all the words to her songs and is literally like like mini Nicki. If you haven’t seen this you need too, immediately!