Now that’s what I call a BFF.

Now if my BFF gave me one of these Pure Essentia “friendship bracelet” necklaces, necklaces, etc… I would love them forever and ever and ever. 

All of her jewelry is hand painted and taken from lovely vintage and new pieces of jewelry. They are truly, one-of-a-kind. 

You can explore all her wonders via Etsy and decide how much you really LOVE your BFF.

LOVE: lovejules


I frikin love ETSY. This is possible my best find to date on ETSY for sure – lovejules – hand crafted, made-to-order leather boat shoes and hightop moccasins. I am totally and completely in LOVE. 

The textiles, the gun on the toe, the colors, the leather so dope, these are definitely conversation pieces and something you will have that no one else will. 

They are based out of Canada and make hand crafted leather swag, get on it people!


We’re Julia (Jules) Vagelatos & Joshua Blodans. We’re partners in business, life, & crime, and we handcraft leather swag. 

We have a small Whistler, British Columbia, Canada garage based studio. If you’ve never been up here, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Joshua is an accountant turned artist, I’m an artist turned businesswoman. With our powers combined, we get by. We’re lucky and we know it… clap your hands.


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Light as a Feather…

ETSY you have done it again, thank you for your wonderful site that brings me such wonders as LilPunky!

LilPunky makes these outrageously fabulous feather earrings! They are HUGE, which is my #1 criteria when it comes to jewelry. The bigger the better and the more color the better, which these earrings definitely knock out in one super big punch. 

I love the length, all the variety of feathers used, the bright, bright neon colors in some of them are killer!

They are true statement pieces and all you need to take an outfit from a 5-6 to a frickin 1-0!!!

I will be purchasing these, oh yes I will!

Thanks LilPunky for your super FAB-U-LOUS creativity and jewelry!


Well, I wasn’t invite to The Royal Wedding, but I can tell you for sure… Miss Ella Gajewska should have been! 

Hailing from a little bit all over (Krakow/London/Europe) & her mother being a dress maker, it’s no wonder she has a fabulous sense of style. Ella is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to hat design. These are masterpieces in their own right and would have put the Queens, Princesses and Dutchesses to shame at wedding of Miss Kate and Mr. William. 


Screw animal lovers, (j/k people), but seriously, HELLO MANIMAL!!!

I’ve been a big fan of Kristen Lombardi’s line, MANIMAL for a while now. Each pair of moccasins are 100% hand-crafted by no more than 3 people. Literally, made with only 3 sets of hands, from scraps of leather (GO GREEN!!!) in little ol’ BK, to you non New Yorkers, it is otherwise known as our ever amazing Brooklyn. The moccasins are super fabulous, come in frickin delicious color ways and styles and so unique, all in all, they are the BOMB people and you should definitely check them out as soon as possible. 

After all, who doesn’t love MANIMALS?