So, the Olympics are in full swing and so are the collaborations, i.e. Adidas x Opening Ceremony. The sneakers are pretty fresh, very different from the typical Adidas Hi Top, which I am always a fan of. The color ways, the floral prints, the Hi Top Samba? Ah hello, I’m a life long soccer player and the Samba has always been a top Adidas fav, but I’ve never seen it as a hi top and I must say ooh la la I’m in love. The clear gum colored, rubber sole is ri-donk-u-lous, love, love, love it long time… plus the added splash of floral print on the classic 3-stripe, wow. 

Thank you, thank you Adidas x Opening Ceremony for such a lovely and unique new look for Adidas, on some classics in some very non traditional versions. 

Adidas x Opening Ceremony BMX Cycling Sneaker


This season, Manhattan-based fashion house and luxury retailer Opening Ceremony have joined forces with Adidas Originals to create a limited edition capsule collection inspired by the London 2012 Games. The second part of the collection draws influence from the world of cycling, infusing this with a nostalgic 90’s street fashion influence. A brand new silhouette, the BMX Cycling Sneaker has been designed with the rigours of extreme urban riding in mind whilst still maintaining OC’s own unique eye for detail to great effect.

  • Leather Panels
  • Moulded Three Stripe Detail
  • Floral Patterned Panels
  • Padded Heel and Ankle
  • Attitude Sole Unit
  • Floral Patterned Insoles with Dual Branding
  • Highly Limited Numbers
  • Art ID: Q22302

Adidas x Opening Ceremony Samba Cycling Hi

Black & Clay

This season, Manhattan-based fashion house and luxury retailer Opening Ceremony have joined forces with Adidas Originals to create a limited edition capsule collection inspired by the London 2012 Games. The second part of the collection draws influence from the world of cycling, infusing this with a nostalgic 90’s street fashion influence. The Samba Cycling – as the name suggests – is a reworking of the iconic Samba silhouette, incorporating elements of cycle-shoe design and OC’s own unique eye for detail to great effect.

  • Leather Uppers
  • Triple Velcro Closure
  • Floral Patterned Tongue and Stripes
  • Padded Heel and Ankle
  • Transparent Sole with Floral Print
  • Floral Patterned Insoles with Dual Branding
  • Highly Limited Numbers
  • Art ID: Q22261

FLAT-tery, will get you EVERYWHERE!

Boom Bam Back at it again, Mista Lova Lova aka Jeffrey Campbell to all ya’ll living on the moon who don’t know who the man is. 

He doeth very little wrong in my little black book of shoes, and the Skulltini is just a lithe reminder ladies of why you need to keep yo’ shoe game TIGHT! Let me repeat… TIIIIGHT!

I always discuss how flats do absolutely nothing for me, literally I’m 5’1 on a good day and I like to keep everything lengthy if you know what I mean. But give me a stud, a gold stud at that with multiples all over and SheRocS says, YUM YUM YUM GIMME SOME!

The red w/gold and black w/gold are obviously my favs, but the white are super dope too… I mean there is always a lil room in the shoe closet for flats right? They barely take up any room at all, so who’s to deny giving them a happy home and warm feet to slip onto every now and then?

Surely not I… surely not I.


Skulltini  $159.95

AAAA-LO-HA baby.

VaVaVoom. Talk about some Lady Killers, these shoes are some Summer Sexy Bad Ass MoFo’s all wrapped into one boom bangin’ stiletto. 

Givenchy obviously, has no shortage in the sexy arena, but hubba hubba, these are some hot sex on a platta for your gam gams ladies. 

Plus, did I fail to mention they are currently on sale? Well, lord knows we ladies all love a sale and if you happen to run into a large sum of cash preferably around a G, you’re good to go and can get your hula on for real a la Givenchy


Givenchy women ’s Printed Open Toe Stilettos from S/S 12 collection in multicolour.

– These Givenchy Shoes feature all over tropical patterning of plants, geometrical shapes and shark teeth. 
– Open toe, fastens around the ankle with a printed strap with a gold cylindrical buckle and five eyelets. 
-Brown leather insole with the words ‘Givenchy’ embossed at the heel. 
– Black leather panels at each side of the upper and black leather sole, also coating the stiletto heel. 
– 100% leather, textile fabric.

-These shoes are from the Givenchy Spring 2012 collection. 

heel 12cm/4.50” -full length 15cm/6.00”

Hot Damn Oh here we go again!

My, my, my… my, my, my, my, my… ya sure look good tonight… 

Oh ya baby, these are the BOMB RAP SONG! Mr. Jeffrey back at it again with the wedged sneakers… coming correct with these black leather studded joints! 

I might really, deeply LOVE Mr. Campbell + Nasty Gal… how oh how do you keep designing the most insanely dope shoes? I mean what goes on in that fabulous head of yours (and design team) over joys me on so many levels. I thank you always for coming out with the freshest kicks of all kinds in the shoe game right now and now with the sneakers, you’re conquering the best of both worlds.

It’s a wrap people. It’s a frickin wrap. 

Edea Spike Sneaker


Badass black leather wedge sneakers featuring a lace-up front and silver studded and spiked heel. White sole with contrast stitching. Genuine leather lining by Jeffrey Campbell. 

*Genuine Leather 
*Shoe Height: 6.5”
*Heel Height: 4.5”
*Runs true to size


Ok, ok… so I was so not a fan of the Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneakers when they came out. I am a loyal 80%20 fan and to me it was a total bite on the design that Ce Ce Chin has been doing for YEARS now… so needless to say I was annoyed some big money brand comes along and totally knocked off what she has worked so hard to create. So, basically I shamed all the wedged sneakers that were coming out.

Alas, Italy. Oh the Italian (I’m so sorry Ce Ce) but these Serafini Wedged Sneakers I can definitely get with. They for sure give off a more “real” sneaker vibe vs the more ‘shoe’ looking sneaker – it’s an art hiding that wedge in the shoe it really is and the Serafini Manhattan’s are the bomb. I heart them dearly as a ‘true’ sneaker head, I truly do.

Job well done Serafini, still a bite off 80%20 but if you’re going to pay homage to someone else’s work, this is the way to do it.

– white leather
– red and blue suede
– inside wedge: 7cm
– rubber sole
– velcro

LOVE: lovejules


I frikin love ETSY. This is possible my best find to date on ETSY for sure – lovejules – hand crafted, made-to-order leather boat shoes and hightop moccasins. I am totally and completely in LOVE. 

The textiles, the gun on the toe, the colors, the leather so dope, these are definitely conversation pieces and something you will have that no one else will. 

They are based out of Canada and make hand crafted leather swag, get on it people!


We’re Julia (Jules) Vagelatos & Joshua Blodans. We’re partners in business, life, & crime, and we handcraft leather swag. 

We have a small Whistler, British Columbia, Canada garage based studio. If you’ve never been up here, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Joshua is an accountant turned artist, I’m an artist turned businesswoman. With our powers combined, we get by. We’re lucky and we know it… clap your hands.


No. 6 – Latest & Greatest Clog Boots.

Ok. So, I am a HUGE Fan of the ladies of No. 6, Morgan Yakus and Karin Bereson. I was walking on 27th street to work one day and this woman ahead of me was wearing the most fab clog boots I had ever seen, similar to below, and I saw that she was walking into my building!! Yay for me, she worked for Mara Hoffman, above my office, (even more yay for me) and I had to stop her. She told me all about the boots, No. 6, the awesome ladies there and I’ve been a fan ever since. 

I definitely would recommend going a 1/2 size + when you buy them though, they run a little snug, but I have never received so many compliments on a pair of clogs! Well, they actually the only ones I’ve ever owned, but you know what I mean. These ladies can create some seriously rockin’ clogs ladies (of all kinds) so get on board the No. 6 train already, because the below are their latest beauties, which will FO SHO be making it onto my Christmas list this year….

Daddy!!! will you buy me these please? lol… 

Vintage collector Morgan Yakus and stylist Karin Bereson have pooled their talents to open No. 6 Store in Little Italy. This light-filled, spacious shop features a large and constantly changing European and American vintage collection alongside carefully selected pieces from independent contemporary designers Anntian, Ashish, Awareness and Consciousness, Belle Sauvage, Boessert Schorn, Correll Correll, Chrisitian Wijnants, Electric Feathers, Future Classics, Henrik Vibskov, Hope, Marios, No.6 clogs and clothing, Pelican Avenue, Raquel Allegra, Rosenmunns, Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Stine Goya, Von Sono, and accessories Aesa, Anndra Neen, Arielle de Pinto, All For The Mountain, B Store, Chronicles of Never, Fruit, Jensen Conroy, Roarke, QSP, Wendy Nichol, Wubet.

No.6 is also home to art and music events and collaborations organised by artist and designer Duncan Hamilton who provides the space with its particular artistic sensibility.

Our aim is for shoppers at No. 6 to immediately feel at home. We encourage you to lounge on one of the couches when you need a break. And when trying on clothing, you are free to take your time, as if perusing a good friend’s closet, though a fabulously stylish and impeccably organized one.



You are stunning. 

You are fabulous. 

Sexy. Devine. Sooo… Delicious. 

I literally might just have to take a bite and swallow you whole. You are like a 4 course 5 star meal all wrapped into one tasty treat. 

Putting you on my feet might just be like the dessert after a scrumptious meal.

But really… screw the meal let’s just head straight for the cake baby! The ice cream, the pie! The frickin chocolate souffle! Because these booties need to be on display and the plate needs to be licked clean gosh darn-it!

Yes, they are that yummy. It may be one damn expensive meal, but it will be worth every penny!

Overhang Boot


Leather platform plain toe ankle boot with fold over leather panel and back zip.

  • 120mm wood heel
  • Leather sole
  • Available in Nude
  • Made in Italy