Just because… IT’S DOPE.

self explanatory. the best. 



Frank Ocean – Pyramids

Again and again and again, my boy Frank Ocean is coming with the heat, with truly inspiring work and music to my ears.

Become a fan if you haven’t already – this is his latest song, Pyramids, from his highly anticipated album, Channel Orange.

The NEW ‘ish 2012 version of: ‘I used to love her’ – CLOTH

I am a HUGE Common fan and I think he just did me over with his latest album, The Dreamer/The Believer,  especially “CLOTH’, this song had me at hello. Not to get mushy gushy on e’ryone, but in all seriousness this song is so dope, I think it touches a cord in me, maybe you after you listen that is just really beautiful in such a unique Common way. 

‘I used to love her’ is my all time favorite classic Common song, but ‘Cloth’ is running a tight race. Listening to it on repeat like it’s going outta style, it couldn’t have made my ears and heart happier at a better time. 

Take a listen, I guarantee it will hit you too… 


CLOTH (to listen)

[verse 1]we were from different cities on the same blockgrew up in different circles in the same spotlike raindrops we fall in love giving our allshowing her ring off like a player at the balli recall the walls that i had upattracted to women for things that didn’t matterka-clow boom pop! sound of my heart when it dropthe night that i met her, it might be foreveri hear people saying that they like us togetheri ain’t afraid to gamble when life is getting betterwith you, i admit i had issueslike ebony, your essence, your pedigree, your presenceit’s more than clothes can say for youwhen i shop i gotta spend more than a day for youi pray for you and us, that we imbue through lustand accrue the trust, let’s shake off the dust from the cloth
[hook]oh you’re worried about when people stop and starethat’s just a tear on those beautiful clothes you wearcut from the same, cloth you just want to wearbut that’s just a tear because girl i can get you freshla la la la, la la la la

[verse 2]this is tailor-made love, fit like a snuganything we can bear so let’s have some cubsyou were there when my cuz passed away[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/cloth-lyrics-common.html ]not only does love, but life hatches dayi appreciate the hugs and the days i breed with youstrong seeds i can see with you, the good word i read with youlooking at things that we’ve been throughthings that seem simplei know when to go hard and when to be gentlesentimental laughs and expressionslet’s stay in the present, no time for second guessingyou said it’s this cloth that makes you feel nakedthe truth we address it, that’s so unexpectedyeah that’s the thread that helps us move aheadyour hunger for affection will always be fedthank god we never sped and let love take it’s coursebecause what’s inside of us, no need to outsourcethe cloth
[verse 3]hey lover we can cover each otherthrough the coldest nights, tight never smotherit’s two things that seems to hold us togethergod is our tailor and foreverit’s two things that seems to hold us togethergod is our tailor and foreverit’s two things that seems to hold us togethergod is our tailor and foreverit’s the cloth