Mark McNairy: ILL Footwear Game.

If you’re a bit of a show wh*re like myself, you’ll totally understand how vain this may sound, but alas is so true… shoes are like the window into one’s soul. If you’re kicks are broke, busted and wack, (God I know this sounds so bad, but please forgive me, I am only vane in this one area and teeth, sorry…) you gots ta go. 

I mean shoes say so much about a person and can literally take you from like a zero to a hero overnight. I know how wrong this continues to sound, but believe me I’m not judgmental about almost everything else, but shoes are so near and dear to my heart, I just need to know you care about your footwear game almost as much as I do, or more. 

So here is where Mark McNairy comes into play (finally I know) ah… just look below. Geesh Louise, I mean this guy knows his shoe game and his game is TIGHT. Like beyond tight, if I could think of another even more fabulous word I would. These shoes below are just a few examples if how brilliantly talented Mr. McNairy is and should give you inspiration to get your style game up boys… get a move on already – and if you’re in LA try out Union, it’s where the dopeness below can be purchased immediately. 


Supreme. Supreme. Supreme. 

You never seem…

to fail me.

Hats are dope,

brand is hot,

this latest line for the dome imma fo sho’ rock. 

Ok enough of my super fly rhymes, but for real…LOOK! I mean they are the OGs of the camper hat (minus Polo back in the day joints, 30s and up people know what I’m talking about), but Supreme has always stayed tried and true to the ‘Camper Hat’ and continues to bring us the always fresh prints and color ways. 

I’d just like to say thanks Supreme, because they fit my 5 Head so perfectly well and if you don’t own one yet, what the hell are you waiting for? You’re looking like a lil ‘lame’ without this head gear. I’m serious. This is not a joke. I am not laughin’… There are so many prints there is no way you can’t find one you heart a whole hell of a lot. 

These are my favs due… ASAP. 

Gear Collective Showroom NYC @ Project Feb 2012

Ladies & Gents let me introduce you to my fabulous new team, I like to call them… The Smalls. 

Jarah, Love, Alli & D. 

This is the Gear Collective Crew and our fabulous brands, AIAIAI & 11 After 11. This is just a little peak at us hard at work and working the booths at Project Fashion Trade Show. 

It’s a great group, good things come in small packages 🙂 

The fabulous Love at the 11 after 11 booth, working her magic, and her style… watch out people this girl can dress her ass off and has the kicks to match. Shoe game is serious.

The owners and creators of 11 after 11, Hong Kong in the house!

Oh how the love was in the air! 😉


Alli & me



The Smalls stylin’



The last day

Packed up and ret’ ta go! Peace out Vegas, it’s been real!

Safety First.


YES. YES. And a little more yes. 

I am a girl who wears the same jewelry daily. Jewelry to me is extremely personal and I’m just not the kinda chick who buys tons and tons of necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc… I like what I like and rock the shiz outta it. But these darling, gold, bad a** safety pin earrings by Tom Binns are absolutely bomb. Like just what I need to make my day-to-day wear just a little more fantastically gold & awesome. 

Maybe my secret lover will buy them for me for Valentine’s Day?



Safety Pin Earrings by Tom Binns

PRICE:  $250


Tom Binns Megastore 

41 Perry St. , West Village