FLAT-tery, will get you EVERYWHERE!

Boom Bam Back at it again, Mista Lova Lova aka Jeffrey Campbell to all ya’ll living on the moon who don’t know who the man is. 

He doeth very little wrong in my little black book of shoes, and the Skulltini is just a lithe reminder ladies of why you need to keep yo’ shoe game TIGHT! Let me repeat… TIIIIGHT!

I always discuss how flats do absolutely nothing for me, literally I’m 5’1 on a good day and I like to keep everything lengthy if you know what I mean. But give me a stud, a gold stud at that with multiples all over and SheRocS says, YUM YUM YUM GIMME SOME!

The red w/gold and black w/gold are obviously my favs, but the white are super dope too… I mean there is always a lil room in the shoe closet for flats right? They barely take up any room at all, so who’s to deny giving them a happy home and warm feet to slip onto every now and then?

Surely not I… surely not I.


Skulltini  $159.95


Hello there little lovelies… I must say TOPSHOP is usually pretty on the money for me most of the time and these are just another 3 reasons why I will stay loyal to my little British heart throb. 

The tangerine color is ridiculously bomb, great for summer, awesome transition into fall wardrobe with tights, wool socks, knee highs, etc… as well as the black w/gold and the nude, always great staples for any wardrobe. The ankle strap is just another sexy tidbit, that makes them that much more dope. I mean what kinda girl doesn’t love an ankle strap? Very flirtatious and the style and colors are ones that will last you more than just one season. 

Now hmm… which pair do you buy? One? Or all three? Well, 3 is my favorite number after all… 🙂 🙂 🙂 




  • Price: $130.00


MOTEL ROCKS really does in fact just that, ROCK

So, if you’re one of those, like myself, who loves a bold, awesome, bold & daring print, MOTEL ROCKS is the brand for you. 

I’ve been following them for a while and have the most awesome leopard and b&w star print trouser-esq pants from them, I have literally worn them to death. If you haven’t seen them already the b&w striped print denim is probably their most infamous. They are countless numbers of blogs, editorials and trend setters. 

MOTEL ROCKS are definitely worth a try (currently carrying some of their prints are: urbanoutfitters.com and lulus.com if you’re not trying to spend the international shipping costs and just try them out at first) but trust me you will eventually fall in LOVE because their prints are amazing and always pushing the fashion envelope which I so thoroughly adore. 

Here is a look at some of their latest & greatest:


Jesus, Mary & Joseph!!! 

These are some hot booties and you know how me and a bootie get down, all puns intended 🙂

I love me a tough, mean bootie, especially in suede and these Cross Heel Boots by Friend of Mine are insanely dope. Just the right tough of flair to give it a very unique look and set them apart from your basic platform bootie. 

I’m in love and may be visiting the Holy Ghost just a little bit more often with these on my feet! I’m feeling the spirit in my “SOLE” baby!!!! 🙂

*Genuine Leather Upper
*Shoe Height: 9.5”
*Heel Height: 4.75”
*Platform Height: 1.5”


Topshop does it to me again and again and these babies are no exception. Yum. Yum. Yum. 

I always love a chunky heel because it makes my life and my feet so happy. Definitely a heel you can get down in, walk all day in and just admire all day while they are on your feel . 

For sure feelin’ the clear accents (better have your foot game as in toes & moisturizer ladies if you wanna rock these) and the metallic accents. I’m a shoe whore and these babies can get all my money, all day e’ry day.


Viva La Pantalones Cortos!

SI, SI, SI! Yo quiero mas Mara Hoffman

These are some bad a$$ shorts by Mara Hoffman. As usual, she comes correct with the style, prints and fabric just in time for summer. This woman has got it down packed when it comes to the prints people, on e’rything and e’rything, from swimsuits to shades, to shorts. Mara Hoffman always gets it right on the money. 

These shorts are a prime example of how she is constantly one step ahead of the game when it comes to styles and takes it up a notch, always. So, if you’re tempted to live a little on the dangerous side when it comes to fashion, stay abreast of Mara Hoffman every season and she won’t ever let you veer off your fashion course to fab and fresh style. 


Everyone needs a little denim in their life, especially a long sleeved denim button up with studs! Ah hello?

This is one of my ‘go-to’ items for accessorizing, a long sleeved anything, but most definitely something denim oriented and if there can be some studs tossed in there and gold/silver ones at that, uh… I’m all over it fo sho. 

This is a great everyday, anytime, seasonal, year round, on-the-go, accessory for styling yourself on the regular. Trust me, you need a piece like this if not this one in particular. LAYERING people, have I taught you nothing throughout the duration of my blog? 🙂

Well get on it already, ladies and gents alike… we all could use a classic denim shirt in our lives, believe me you’ll LOVE it LONG time. 


“Illest Mu’ F#cka Alive” sweat pants by CPTL

Ok, ok… so if you KNOW me and KNOW me well, you know I rock a mean sweat pant. Like I think I’m a little addicted to them and wish they were totally socially acceptable to wear ah…. pretty much all the time. So, needless to say when my boys at CPTL made the “Illest Mu’ F#cka Alive” sweat pants, I had to have them. 

CPTL is a brand based out of Portland, OR and they are ‘bout about it’ in regards to their hip-hop gear. From sneakers to hats, to now thank the lord, sweats… these dudes love to create a great play on words with a heavy hip-hop influence and make some cool a$$ clothes out of it. 

These are the super, super dope sweats I received today in the mail and I can’t wait to rock the sh#t outta them. Thanks so much to TJ Hooker and the rest of the CPTL family! I will wear them well out in Cali & NY and make CPTL proud!

***”We announce the ‘Illest Mu’ F#cka Alive’ sweatpants by CPTL. Produced in limited quantities because, well, there aint that many ILL mu’ fuckas out there.

Script print reads: “I’ve been in this game for years, it’s made me an ANIMAL”. Word to BIG.”

Stack of $20′s not included.***

KILL ME NOW. Literally someone stab a dagger in my shoe loving heart, YUM YUM gimmie some. If these don’t say hot sex on a platter, i don’t know what does. all I know is I need me some…shoes that is … Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide: $50 smack-a-roos & under!

Holiday Gift Guide (using Lulus.com) under $50: 

We all could use a little guiding in the right direction to save some cash these coming holidays… I know I do… and Lulus always has awesome, cool, very fashionable items for a pretty darn good price. 

So, I’ve compiled some of my favs and though why not share them? Tis’ the season right?

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Claire Fong Tropical Fire Orange Leather Earrings – $35 

Western Skies Fringe Handbag – $41

YouCube Square Ring – $11

My Delicious Shiro Gold Glitter Multi Sparkle Pumps – $34

Grab Bag Black Handbag – $43

Featherchained Brass and Silver Necklace – $21

Mona Mia Lori Brown Multi Peekaboo Peep Toe Wedges – $46

Egypt Alight Twisted Gold Necklace – $19

Year of the Snake Gold Hoop Earrings – $19

Qupid Puffin 05 Black Cutout Ankle Booties – $37