MOTEL ROCKS really does in fact just that, ROCK

So, if you’re one of those, like myself, who loves a bold, awesome, bold & daring print, MOTEL ROCKS is the brand for you. 

I’ve been following them for a while and have the most awesome leopard and b&w star print trouser-esq pants from them, I have literally worn them to death. If you haven’t seen them already the b&w striped print denim is probably their most infamous. They are countless numbers of blogs, editorials and trend setters. 

MOTEL ROCKS are definitely worth a try (currently carrying some of their prints are: and if you’re not trying to spend the international shipping costs and just try them out at first) but trust me you will eventually fall in LOVE because their prints are amazing and always pushing the fashion envelope which I so thoroughly adore. 

Here is a look at some of their latest & greatest:

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This company makes the most awesomely insane leggings, QOO QOO. Their motto is “Courage for Fashion” and believe me these are not for the fashion shy at heart, you will have to have the b*lls to get out there and … Continue reading

Helloooo Shorty!

These shorts by Kenny at Bell Jar SF are phenomenal. The pattern, the fabric, yum. 

I love color, anything with a funky print & when I put it on make it makes me absolutely smile and these shorts kill that love with one biig stone. 

Bell Jar SF has some fabulous pieces, make sure you check them out online ASAP. 

J. CREW new Bridal Boutique

First of all, this post is basically just to show how AMAZING J. Crew has become. The styling, the look, the feel of this company within the last year thanks to new Creative Director Jenna Lyons is frickin awesome. I never even looked once let alone twice at    J. Crew for shopping anything unless the had a sale for basics, but now… ah HELLO… beautiful and so stylish.

Adidas Oh how I Love you!

Well as a tried and true adidas lover, Jeremy Scott’s newest edition for Adidas is phenomenal! Good luck getting it, it’s sold out everywhere, but just thought I’d tease you with a few of my favorite pieces!

this is INSANE – jeremy scott – wow!

this is a Jeremy Scott, matador-esq jacket AMAZING! The pieces are just so interesting, go to this link to see more:

This isn’t one of Jeremy Scott’s pieces, I just LOVE it! This is a sweater, oh yes, made from fleece, I want it!