AAAA-LO-HA baby.

VaVaVoom. Talk about some Lady Killers, these shoes are some Summer Sexy Bad Ass MoFo’s all wrapped into one boom bangin’ stiletto. 

Givenchy obviously, has no shortage in the sexy arena, but hubba hubba, these are some hot sex on a platta for your gam gams ladies. 

Plus, did I fail to mention they are currently on sale? Well, lord knows we ladies all love a sale and if you happen to run into a large sum of cash preferably around a G, you’re good to go and can get your hula on for real a la Givenchy


Givenchy women ’s Printed Open Toe Stilettos from S/S 12 collection in multicolour.

– These Givenchy Shoes feature all over tropical patterning of plants, geometrical shapes and shark teeth. 
– Open toe, fastens around the ankle with a printed strap with a gold cylindrical buckle and five eyelets. 
-Brown leather insole with the words ‘Givenchy’ embossed at the heel. 
– Black leather panels at each side of the upper and black leather sole, also coating the stiletto heel. 
– 100% leather, textile fabric.

-These shoes are from the Givenchy Spring 2012 collection. 

heel 12cm/4.50” -full length 15cm/6.00”

LOVE: lovejules


I frikin love ETSY. This is possible my best find to date on ETSY for sure – lovejules – hand crafted, made-to-order leather boat shoes and hightop moccasins. I am totally and completely in LOVE. 

The textiles, the gun on the toe, the colors, the leather so dope, these are definitely conversation pieces and something you will have that no one else will. 

They are based out of Canada and make hand crafted leather swag, get on it people!


We’re Julia (Jules) Vagelatos & Joshua Blodans. We’re partners in business, life, & crime, and we handcraft leather swag. 

We have a small Whistler, British Columbia, Canada garage based studio. If you’ve never been up here, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Joshua is an accountant turned artist, I’m an artist turned businesswoman. With our powers combined, we get by. We’re lucky and we know it… clap your hands.



This dress by Duro Olowu is KILLER! Some major CHA-CH$NG, yet totally killer.  

Oh ladies, my matching but not ever really matching self has my heart flutter with this dress, just like the birds printed on the silk.

Why-oh-why don’t more designers make prints like this, 2 tones, dual color way print!!! Aye mamacita!!!! I’ve died and gone to fabric heaven. 

Now only if I could have been born with a tiny booty and longer legs, then this dress and me would have had some babies dammit!

Lots and lots of fabulous non-matching, truly chic, fabulous, hot babies!

Duro Olowu
Two Tone Dress

$1,695.00Silk two tone dress in bird print with medium sleeves and ruffle front. Available in Multi. Silk. Dry clean

Hey! ya-ya-ya! Hey! ya-ya-ya!

Happy Holidays to me! Geesh! I think after all the holiday madness I really need to have a little “Treat myself because I deserve it, after all the holiday shopping I did for others this year and was so thoughtful and selfless” shopping spree! Don’t you think so?

Well, if I weren’t exhausted, jetlagged (from spending 2 extra days in LA, due to a torrential snow storm in NY and one long morning from 3 am til about 9 pm in the airport), I might think of taking my left over strength and doing so for this FAB-U-LOUS dress. It’s that worth it. 

It comes in this ridiculously sick pattern, tribal print one of my favs and is just super frickin hot. I think we should all go out and buy one to say, “Thank you, you were great this year and Santa really loves you”!

Hope you’re holidays were all amazing ladies and gents!

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