Ok, ok… so I was so not a fan of the Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneakers when they came out. I am a loyal 80%20 fan and to me it was a total bite on the design that Ce Ce Chin has been doing for YEARS now… so needless to say I was annoyed some big money brand comes along and totally knocked off what she has worked so hard to create. So, basically I shamed all the wedged sneakers that were coming out.

Alas, Italy. Oh the Italian (I’m so sorry Ce Ce) but these Serafini Wedged Sneakers I can definitely get with. They for sure give off a more “real” sneaker vibe vs the more ‘shoe’ looking sneaker – it’s an art hiding that wedge in the shoe it really is and the Serafini Manhattan’s are the bomb. I heart them dearly as a ‘true’ sneaker head, I truly do.

Job well done Serafini, still a bite off 80%20 but if you’re going to pay homage to someone else’s work, this is the way to do it.

– white leather
– red and blue suede
– inside wedge: 7cm
– rubber sole
– velcro