I adore a good peplum, and I am so excited to see them all over the runway. They definitely have a more “youthful” and “fun” vibe (Betsey Johnson is a huge fan), but they are super wearable, and ultra flattering. … Continue reading

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I LOVE this outfit on Miroslava Duma, editor at Harper’s Bazaar, Russia. OMG do I love this outfit. NEON is a staple in my wardrobe with out without the “seasonal trends”, I have always loved it. But this outfit just … Continue reading

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J. to the Crew baby.  I swear dearest Jenna Lyons, you have ever so rocked the world of J. Crew. I know you have been there forever, but your powers in your current role have tore at the very soul of … Continue reading

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Karen Walker, wow. I so love menswear, and so love it done FABULOUSLY for woman. These fabrics/prints are killer and the mixing/matching are even more insane! The more eccentric the better, I love to match, but not match and this collection obviously … Continue reading

Oscar de la Renta NYFW ‘011

I am in love with this man. 

Oscar de la Renta, just really, really knows woman. This whole seasons collection is absolutely phenomenal. Utterly gorgeous, makes me realize we as woman, men, society in America, really DO NOT dress up enough. We have gotten so casual, and this look above is my FAV, because it is so utterly me, but the rest of his collection is pure, effortless glamour. 

We should have balls and galas way more often, everyone… not just the privileged, but us regular ol’ chaps too… we need to find reasons to get extra fabulous once in a while. I know after seeing this collection I may create an annual SheRocS extravaganza or something like it, because I need to wear these glamorous gowns once in a while… being Cinderella for a day never hurt anyone has it? I think not… so darlings even if we can’t afford these lovely ensembles, we can at least celebrate the pure creativity and beauty that is in each one of them, and each one of us.    


Jeans that is. 

They’re coming back ladies, the wide leg jeans, and super wide leg/bell bottom jeans are coming back, all over the runway… I’d definitely like to add some more back into my closet (bell bottoms for sure), but I do have a great deal of love for my skinny jeans, being that I LOVE knee high boots and over the knee boots (which aren’t going anywhere just yet) so the skinnies are going to have to stay for now. 

So thoughts? Do we think they will over take the skinny leg jeans or what? Hmmm… I don’t think they are ready yet. I don’t think the wide legged jeans have the power at the moment to knock our lovely skinnies out of the box just quite yet.