I’m so annoyed.

If VANS, NIKE/Jordan Brand, Supreme, Adidas, Reebok, Gourmet, Supra, Creative Rec, ALIFE, Undefeated, (I’m calling you ALL OUT) etc… the classic people don’t start making shit in SMALL sizes (the dope SHI*T people), I’m going to have a fit. I’m so tired of the PINKS and BABY colors for woman. I mean we want the realness too FOOTWEAR BRANDS ACROSS THE BOARD! 

GEESH, I mean why should we miss out on all the flava? All the “G” styles, prints, color ways? Ahhhh HELLO? GIve us a break. I was so bummed missing this Vans/Commes des Garcons period, I was well aware they were coming out and saddened to only see MENS sizes on there, or pardon me ladies with GIANT feet, your size as well. But I’m 5’1 and have 5’1 size feet, size 4.0-5.0 to be exact and we ladies are exhausted from being left out. 

This has been the story of my life being a sneaker fiend since I kinda popped out of the womb. I’be been put on “restriction”, “probation” and “grounded” from buying sneakers and shoes my whole life because my parentals thought I had a so-called, “problem” or “addiction” so-to-speak, well maybe … I digress, it’s important to me and something I love… footwear is essential in my mind to make “the perfect look” look just that much better…

So, I beg of you SNEAKER BRANDS, ATHLETIC BRANDS, FOOTWEAR BRANDS across the board, show the midget feet people some love and make little itty bitty sizes, I will bet my life on it they will sell out just as well as your big ol’ man feet sizes do. 

Thank you and Forever Yours, 



Married to the Mob’s, Ms Leah McSweeny is back bitches.

Miss Sweeney is always bringing us a “in your face” kinda vibe when it comes to clothing. If  you’re already familiar with her Married to the Mob line you for sure know what I’m talking about. 

She was on a momentary hiatus from her fashion followers and know she’s back with her Leah McSweeney line as well, and I for one want to be one of the many that are welcoming her back with open arms. These leggings are no joke, and currently already sold out. So, if that doesn’t tell you something… keep following to see for yourself how real this bitch is. 

I look forward to seeing all the Leah McSweeney line has to offer for a long time. 


Yum Yum gimme some!

These Adidas Originals Forum Lo RS’s are literally 1 of 2 low tops I will ever wear (love you my Nike Air Max 90s). The new rendition for Spring ‘12 are boom bastic kick fantastic and I’m sure they only come in frickin MENS as usual, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t stare a little bit… get her flirt on with a hubba hubba pair of super fly kicks. 

Right? Flirt away ladies, flirt a-way. 

Wink Wink…



“Swagger” either you have it or you don’t. It’s not something you can just go out and buy, it comes from within, you’re born with it. I honestly wish the word would kinda go away for a while, but thus… it is the best term of the moment and the Japanese have truly capitalized on it. This crew neck being just the beginning of a rapidly growing brand. 

Over the years, the SWAGGER brand has evolved from being purely streetwear brand into a hybrid menswear brand out of Japan. As the SWAGGER brand took off, Hidehiro ‘IGGY’ Iguchi the designer and founder wanted to create a more grown up version if you will line, thus SWG Black Platinum label.

It is kinda like the older sibling of SWAGGER and the line is largely influenced from military styles and vintage findings. The Spring/Summer 2012 will be available exclusively at SWAGGER stores Japan wide and the c.i.y. by SWAGGER online store on ZOZOTOWN.


I am a love of all things camo. Well, let’s rewind that a little bit, anything in camo done right and not tacky, because we all know where that can go… so so wrong. 

SOPHNET’s new spring line for ‘12 is ill and does nothing wrong, just all completely right. Again, in my menswear fantasy closet, these would all exist. The pastel camo button up alone, is so dope. I heart it mucho. But you really have to check out the rest of their line as well, it is all amazingly well done contemporary wear and if you’re into style and well tailored pieces, trust you will love even the non-camo pieces, ;o)

Japan is taking over the contemporary menswear/street industry, so just stay tuned here and I will keep you well informed. 


For starters, yes… there really is such a thing as a ‘Pink Dolphin’, just in case any of you were wondering… alas… Pink+Dolphin out from LA is gettin’ me a little bit (now just make me some small sizes people).

I love the colors choices, of course the letterman jackets (since we should all know by know despite the huge rise of “Americana” esq gear, I have always had a deep rooted love for them) and of course the awesome dolphin.

It’s fun, it’s bringing back some frickin BRIGHT COLOR for my a$$!!! Hello??? Where did you go my dearest color? I know it was Fall, but does that always mean we have to literally “Fall” off the earth in color ways people? I think not. 

So, let’s celebrate a little with this on the rise Pink+Dolphin out of Los Angeles and see what they’re all about. Hopefully they keep the color ways, color palates bright and that will always make me happy. 

Billionaire Bzzzzz!

Billionaire Boys Club x Mark McNairy Bee Line


Can I get a female line to make me some Vintage Americana brands like Mark McNairy? Ah hello.  I mean come on, the Billionaire Boys Club x Mark McNairy Bee Line letterman jacket alone with the gold leather sleeves is so sick I can’t even handle it. I literally may have just got so excited after seeing this line in GQ, I may have pee’d a little, seriously. 

I mean why do men just get the ill jackets, like come on… smaller sizes please and the ladies will be sure to follow. 

(Via GQ)

And check the boots – YUM. Boys if you wear these, the ladies will be linin’ up out the door… FO SHO!!! Well, only if you have the style and personality to match, but the shoes honestly might get it alone 🙂 They are that dope. Good luck! 

Agenda NYC 2012 (part three) The Homies.

In the Trade Show business you will always have a handful of the best, best of homies that become like fam, here are some of mine. Thank you for always making work a pleasure and a joy to be around. 


Super Sal, Albert, Al etc… whatever you may call him from YRB amongst others… he is THE BEST PERSON ever. Love you!

Alan from Orisue, you’re a new homie but an awesome one!

Tia Tia ma mia from my olden MAGIC days and FrenchFriesNchanel, I love this girl, she is like my sista from anotha mista, miss you already!

Mr. Peralta people…aka The Flud Man. He does everything and anything for Flud and one of my super favs. 

Stefon, the newest Flud family member, ahhh youth! Get ready for MAGIC!

Josh from 10 Deep is like the oldest homie, from TRUE back in the day… and Miss Katie Schilling the MAGIC crew member with the mostest! 

Ah ya, this is a happy ending to a joyous and positive trip back to my home away from home me, Tia and Kenny from MAGIC. This is the best picture of Kenny you will ever see. Trust me. 

Thanks to everyone and all those I did not get the fab pleasure of taking a picture with. Agenda was awesome, New York was even better, be back to business in my heart of New York God willing sooner than later!

Until MAGIC. 



Agenda NYC 2012 (part one)

So, Agenda NYC was this last Monday & Tuesday January 23rd & 24th and off to NYC I was. It was a great show with a ton of awesome brands, in a relaxed atmosphere. Great seeing all the old and new peeps handling business and a whole lot of networking and dun in between. 

If you’re with a brand, starting your own a buyer or anything in between you should really check out either their Long Beach show and/or the NYC show when trade show season comes around. Agenda has really stepped it up a notch and it is becoming a really competitive show for the streetwear industry. 

me talking to the guys @ SABIT NYC

Delicious Vinyl


Poler – this was one of my absolute fav brands at the show, they make THE coolest sleeping bags that are “snuggie esq” but way, way cooler. You have to check them out. 

Orisue – Alan gettin’ his sales on

Rogue Status

B.G.R.T – Moonshine handlin’ his biz

SABIT NYC – Laurent showin’ off the latest and greatest


Herschel – these are some of the dopest bags ever, you need to take a look at this brand. They are heavy on the rise and make some premiere bags, satchels, totes, wallets, duffles, etc… 


Mighty Healthy


Joel the homie working Agenda

The fam Flud watches in the building – the best watches and accessories ever! Check out their new line of sunglasses hitting MAGIC @ SLATE in a few weeks in Vegas!

About the Show:

The Agenda Trade Show is a forum for the most inspired in the streetwear and action sports industries to unite. Lines speak for themselves and buyers are not intimidated by the usual overwhelming tradeshow experience. From the garage-run lines on the verge of explosion, to the well-established elite, Agenda caters to the needs of buyers and brands that exist on a higher level of design and aesthetic. With a strong emphasis in style, art, music and culture, the Agenda experience is as much a lesson as it is a tool.


Show Sections:

The BERRICS AGENDA partnership continues the integration of the skateboard industry by featuring a section in The Agenda Show dedicated entirely to skateboard brands.

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The AGENDA SNOW show segment showcases the industry’s top snowboarding brands. Agenda Snow occurs once a year during Agenda’s January show in California.

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Agenda Snow Commercials:

Danny Kass & The Dingo talk business at Agenda Snow

Agenda Snow Commercial

PRIMER is a special section of the show dedicated exclusively to young emerging brands, which embody the same independent, artistic spirit on which Agenda was founded.